Events in the Comic

Does not appear in the Comics.

Events in the Game


Does not appear in the Games Story.

Injustice 2

In Sub-Zero's ending, General Zod is accidentally freed from the Phantom Zone by Sub-Zero in his effort to come back to his Realm, along with Superman, Ursa and Non. The four Kryptonians attack Batman and his Justice League.

Ladder Ending

Injustice Gods Among Us - General Zod Battles Mode Ending 1080p HD00:38

Injustice Gods Among Us - General Zod Battles Mode Ending 1080p HD

Free of the Phantom Zone at last, Zod's first order of business, Superman's defeat, had been accomplished. Now his revenge could be fully realized. His time in the Phantom Zone had allowed Zod to learn its secrets, he had even learned from one of his fellow residents how to call forth small pockets at will. After introducing Superman to its mind-numbing emptiness, Zod claimed the High Councilorship and began to rebuild Earth in the image of mighty Krypton.

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