Zeus is the Ruler of Olympus and King of the Greek Gods worshipped by the Amazons.


Zeus is the ruler of Olympus and the King of the Greek Gods. His power and authority supersedes that of the other Olympians except for his brothers. He is also a member of the Quintessence, a group of cosmic beings that oversees the events of the universe. He also serves as the power source of several heroes: He gave Wonder Woman the ability to channel his thunderbolts through her bracelets, and in The New 52 continuity, he is revealed to be Diana's biological father by Hippolyta.

Injustice Comic

Injustice: Gods Among Us

In Wonder Woman's ending, Diana comes back to Earth and finds out that Zeus, worried for what had happened in the parallel universe might happen in his universe, decided to destroy every metahuman. Diana and her Amazons start a war against Olympians in rebellion for what they have done to the other metahumans, and Zeus and the others are ultimately defeated, with the Amazons becoming the new rulers in their place.

Powers and Abilities


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