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Basic Attacks:

  • Wand Slap
  • Rising Wand
  • Wand Slam

Special Moves:

  • Thgiarts Cigam (Straight Magic)
  • Drawpu Cigam (Upward Magic)
  • Dnuorg Cigam (Ground Magic)
  • Cigam Rallip (Magic Pillar)
  • Brosba (Absorb)
  • Gninthgil Dor (Lightning Rod)


Basic Attacks:

  • Backhand
  • Palm Strike
  • Forward Strike
  • Spinning Sweep
  • Downward Smack
  • Double Lunge
  • Focus Push
  • Heel Flip
  • Low Smack
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Trip Trick
  • Flying Boot
  • Jumping Slap
  • Air Hex
  • Forward/Reverse Throw


  • Obsidian Age
  • Skilled Illusionist
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Ace of Clubs
  • Night Chill
  • Book of Magic
  • Lost Father
  • Hidden Secrets
  • Shadowcrest
  • Magic Show
  • Counter Spell
  • Hidden Ones
  • Sentinel of Magic

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