Superboy or Kon-El/Connor Kent is the human/Kryptonian hybrid clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, created by Lex after the Man of Steel's death at the hands of Doomsday. Superboy serves as a member of the Teen Titans.


Injustice Comic

Year 3

Superboy was flying with Kid Flash and Beast Boy in Metropolis when the Joker destroyed Metropolis killing Bart and Gar. Superboy Was sad and angry but what made him more angry is that when Superman killed Joker and didn't even regret it. Kon-El then talked with the Kents and they believed it wasn't his place to judge Clark and Kon needs to find a way for him to forgive him with Kon simply stating that he can't. Kon then Decides to banish Superman to the Phantom Zone, so he went to the fortress of Solitude looking for it with Wondergirl only to find that Superman already took it as a precaution, much to their surprise. Superboy then attacked Clark even though Wondergirl told him to wait. The rest of the titans later showed up saying that they will always stand up for their friends and help each other. With Red Robin saying "Next time gives the Titans a heads up before you go", with Clark responding "There won't be a next time!" Then Red Robin tried to use the phantom zone projector while the other titans distracted Superman only to find out that the safety cap weighs 100 tons. Then Clark took out Starfire and Wondergirl only leaving Kon, so Clark Punched him so hard it made his rib pierce his heart leaving him internally bleeding. The rest of the titans convinced Superman to save him by sending him to the phantom zone but on one condition: they had to go with him because he couldn't have them interfere with "what he must do" saying "I am sorry, but I have a world to save." "For Lois"

Powers and Abilities



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