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Super Moves are special moves that can be done if a player's Super Meter is up to level 4. A Super Move is meant to do massive damage to the opponent. Super Moves can also be performed in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile if the Super Meter reaches level 3.

Super Move List (Injustice)

Character Super Move Description
Aquaman Atlantean Rage Aquaman summons a tidal wave and floods the stage. He then thrusts his trident into his opponent's chest and lifts him/her up into the mouth of a Great White Shark.


Ares slices his enemy with a sword and teleports him/her to another plane. He then yells and points at his enemy when thousands of arrows get shot in the sky and then fall and hit his enemy. Then, he becomes giant and smashes his enemy with his hand. He then teleports him/her back to the stage he'she was fighting on.
Bane Break The Bat Bane runs forward and grabs the opponent, and gives him/her a punch to the gut, launches him/her with an uppercut to the face, grabs the opponent's leg and slams him/her to the ground, he then performs his infamous Back Breaker on him/her.
Batgirl High-Wire Act While in the air, she shocks her opponent, and Batgirl attaches a Batclaw to her opponent, pinning him/her in place. She then jumps on the opponent's back, firing her Batclaw into the sky, lifting both her and her opponent into the sky. Finally, she lets go, sending him/her falling back to the ground, before slamming down onto his/her back with her heel blades, breaking her fall.
Batman The Dark Knight Batman throws a smoke batarang at the opponent, quickly inputs his coordinates to the Batmobile, then shocks the enemy with two tazers and follows up with a knee to the face. He then throws an explosive batarang at the opponent's face. He somersaults, and the Batmobile arrives to run over hiis opponent. 
Black Adam Teth-Adam Black Adam dashes and punches his opponent, then uppercuts him/her with a lightning charged punch, knocking him/her into the air where he follows up with a knee to his/her jaw before grabbing him/her and shouting, "SHAZAM!" He then throws him/her onto the ground where a lightning bolt strikes him/her and ends the attack by landing on him/her with a powerful drop kick.
Catwoman Nine Lives Catwoman blows a kiss at the opponent, throws powder into her opponent, kicks her opponent up into the air and then uses her whip to grab him/her by the neck and slam him/her down to the ground, face first. She then jumps onto the opponent and scratches his/her face twice and slams him/her to the ground using her legs.
Cyborg Target Locked Cyborg transforms into a giant laser cannon from his body that sucks in air and begins firing a laser at the opponent. After a period of time the cannon expands and amplifies its powers, shooting at the opponent, who is then blasted away by the strong laser.
Deathstroke Eye For An Eye Deathstroke slices the enemy with his sword, throws it into the air, shoots his enemy twice, runs back and impales his opponent by kicking the sword into his/her chest, and shoots him/her with his SMGs until the opponent collapses onto the floor.
Doomsday Mass Destruction  Doomsday slams his opponent onto the ground and starts punching him/her relentlessly through the center of the Earth and out into the ocean on the other side. Then he punches him/her back through the Earth and back to his/her starting point.
The Flash Speed Zone The Flash face-punches the opponent, slows down time and runs around the earth at maximum speed, and before appearing in front of the opponent, he readies his fist. He then punches the enemy with an incredible amount of force, sending his opponent into the sky, andthen punches him/her back down into the ground.
Green Arrow Arsenal Assault Green Arrow shoots an explosive arrow that launches the opponent in the air, then grapples the opponent to the ground and leaps over him/her shooting three exploding arrows. The last arrow sends the opponent into the sky. This super move can then be followed up with a combo after.
Green Lantern Beware My Power Green Lantern teleports his opponent to Oa. He then hits his enemy with a hammer, smashes two coaches at his enemy and then summons a swarm of jets and missiles, sends them directly at the opponent and teleports him/her back. Yellow Lantern does the same, except his constructs are Yellow and he teleports his opponent to Qward.
Harley Quinn Mallet Bomb Harley pummels her opponent with a mallet, knocking him/her back. Throwing a tantrum, she runs and slides, placing an exploding cherry pie underneath him/her. This super move can then be followed up with a combo after.
Hawkgirl The Power of Nth Hawkgirl grabs her opponent and sends him/her to the sky, she then rapidly comes in from the side and hits her opponent's face with her mace and then repeats the same but coming in downwards causing her opponent to crash into the ground.
The Joker Let's Be Serious Joker tosses a pie at his opponent to distract him/her. Joker the proceeds to assault his opponent with a crowbar then shoots his opponent in the face with his pistol. He then hits them with a laughing gas tank making the enemy fall on the ground, Joker gets on top of him/her and shoots the enemy point blank, yelling "Wakey wakey!", with a rocket launcher.
Killer Frost Endless Whiteout Killer Frost makes three ice spikes under her enemy which stabs him/her. She then makes a  huge ice vortex that circles them both. Then she makes two spiky ice walls on each side of him/her and smashes him/her with them. She then makes an ice wall above him/her and sends it down to the ground, crushing him/her.
Lex Luthor Coordinates Received Lex traps his enemy in an energy field after a few blows and quickly types in a few coordinates to a satellite. The satellite shoots down a laser which Lex catches and focuses into an energy ball which he smashes on top of the enemy. The explosion can be seen from space.
Lobo The Main Man Lobo grabs his chain and slams it into his opponent, shocking him/her. He then summons his bike, and runs over his opponent, sending him/her into the air. Lobo then fires his gun at him/her while they're airborne. Lobo then starts up his engine with a laugh, torching his opponent's face with exhaust flames before looking back, gives him/her the middle finger, and blasts away with his bike.
Martian Manhunter Son of Mars Martian Manhunter transports his opponent to Mars or telepathically forces his opponent to believe they have been teleported. He then shape shifts into the opponent and punches him/her twice. While stunned, he turns back into his Martian form and uppercuts the opponent into the sky. As he/she fly up he grows to enormous size and crushes them with two boulders. He then transports them back to the arena.
Nightwing Dark As Night Nightwing hits his enemy with an electric burst, then jumps onto his motorcycle, repeatedly slashing the opponent with electrified gauntlets. After six hits, Nightwing skids aroud, heads for the opponent, and jumps off of his motorcycle to slam his electrified staff into his opponent's chest.
Raven Deadly Sin Raven teleports her opponent to a dark dimension where she summons three demons to attack her enemy, then summons Trigon to attack by shooting burning rays from his eyes which take the fight back to the original battlefield.
Scorpion Welcome To The Netherrealm Scorpion teleports and kicks his opponent in the back before teleporting them to the Netherrealm. He then raises the ground in certain places, creating a jagged selection of vertical rocks, which he slams his opponent into, twice, with his bladed chains. Finally, he throws his opponent to the ground and finishes the move with a massive jumping strike from the blades, teleporting the action back to the original arena
Shazam! The Power Of SHAZAM  Shazam uppercuts his enemy into the stratosphere and pummels his opponent with a series of blows, he then elbows the opponent in the back, grabs his enemy by the legs, spins his enemy, and throws his opponent back on the ground.
Sinestro Sinestro's Might Sinestro throws a shield onto his opponent, chains his enemy then pull his victim through a portal, straight into space, he then collides two meteorite rocks into his opponent, and to finish off, he creates a laser beam and shoots his enemy back to earth.
Solomon Grundy Grave Digger Solomon Grundy pulls a cleaver out and slices his enemy with it, he then proceeds to pick up the enemy and throw him/her. As the enemy tries to get up, Grundy pulls out a tombstone from his chest and smashes it over his/her head.
Superman Kryptonian Smash Superman flies toward his opponent and grabs him/her. He then uppercuts his adversary into space, and sends him/her back down to earth with a hammer punch, slamming him or her onto the ground.
Wonder Woman Justice Javelin Wonder Woman bashes her opponent with her shield, and while her opponent is airborne, she wraps her opponent in her lasso and calls two Amazons. One holds the enemy and knees him/her in the back, followed by a second who breaks a spear while smacking the opponent with it in the face. Finally, Wonder Woman pulls the enemy back to her and slashes him/her with her sword on their face.
Zatanna Avrah KaDabra Zatanna pulls out her wand and casts a spell that surrounds them with a dark blue vortex. Utilizing her energy, she continuously damages the opponent with a strong beam. She then traps her opponent in a golden diamond and, with a magic word, slams it into the ground.
Zod Galactic Destruction Zod flies in the air and grabs his opponent, then flies into space and smashes them through the moon. He then blasts them back to Earth with his heat vision.

Super Move List (Injustice 2)

Character Super Move Description
Atrocitus Atrocitus stabs his opponent with his blade.
Black Canary Sonic Scream Canary kicks her opponent into the air and yells out a sonic scream to paralyze her enemy at the ground. She punches to the enemy on the ground for the final blow.
Blue Beetle
Doctor Fate
The Flash
Gorilla Grodd Grodd uses telekinesis and holds his enemy. He slams the enemy three times before roaring at them. Grodd uses one final punch.
Green Lantern
Harley Quinn Harley throws a bomb at her enemy, which stuns them. She summons Bud & Lou to bite them repeatedly before she whacks them with a bat.
Poison Ivy
Robin Robin impales his enemy with his sword and uses shuriken after he uses tons of slashes with his sword, which detonates the shuriken.
Supergirl Supergirl grabs her opponent and brings them near the sun. She lets go of them and uses her laser eyes at the opponent, slamming them in a meteor shower.
Superman Final Flight Superman grabs his enemy and punches them into the sky. At the air, he punches his enemy twice before grabbing his enemy and slamming them back to the ground.
Swamp Thing Green Kingdom Swamp Thing uses vines to bring his enemy down to the center of the Earth. There, he summons a giant fist made of vines to punch his opponent twice before grabbing them and breaking their spine. The fist grabs the opponent and slams them on the ground.
Wonder Woman



Injustice 2


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