Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent
"And I will show you third-degree burns." Black Adam, Reverse-Flash
"Batman was right, disowning you." Robin
"Burn recovery is extremely painful." Aquaman, Joker
"Can you bring back Dick Grayson?" Doctor Fate
"Come with me, Bane." Bane
"Don't me evaporate you, Aquaman." Aquaman
"Every battle is an adventure." Batman, Cheetah, John Stewart, Reverse-Flash
"Ever had a really bad sunburn?" Aquaman, Green Arrow
"Give up or get lit up." Atrocitus, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Joker, Red Hood, Scarecrow, Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing
"Good to see you, Victor." Cyborg
"Grayson would've like you." Supergirl
"Greetings, Earth friend." Doctor Fate, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman
"Have a heart, Grid." Grid
"How could you justify what you've done?" Aquaman, Darkseid
"I offer so much more than beauty." Green Arrow, Jay Garrick, Sub-Zero
"I sense your miscommunication." Bizarro
"I thought you would team up with me." Power Girl, Starfire
"I want answers, Superman." Superman
"Is this you welcoming me back?" Batman
"Is this your trickery, Komand'r?" Starfire
"I'm done being friendly." Green Arrow, Grid, Joker
"I'm not sure how you get feelings work..." Brainiac, Grid
"Leave Wally West alone, Thawne." Reverse-Flash
"Let our powers do the talking." Jay Garrick
"Let's start your audition." Blue Beetle, Vixen
"Oh, just like Beast Boy." Black Canary, Vixen
"Oh. Now I get it." Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn
"Or time to prepare for fire season." Poison Ivy
"Perhaps you are Titans material." Blue Beetle, Vixen
"Please. I fought Trigon and won." Darkseid, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow
"Poor Atrocitus. We all need friends." Atrocitus
"Say that again and I'll melt your helmet." Darkseid, Doctor Fate
"Stop babysitting me, Jay." Jay Garrick
"Stop following me, Cheetah." Cheetah
"Suppressing feelings is bad for your health." Mr. Freeze, Superman
"That doesn't mean you are forgiven." Green Lantern, Superman
"That was just rude, Grodd." Gorilla Grodd
"Then go back the way you came." Starfire, Wonder Woman
"Then you need to surrender." The Flash, Mr. Freeze
"This princess fights her own battles." Jay Garrick, John Stewart
"This time, I'll redeem myself." Black Adam
"Titans together." Cyborg
"Try it and you will get burned." Brainiac, Grid, Red Hood
"Watch the insults." Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, Power Girl, Robin
"We are both survivors of doomed worlds." Power Girl
"What is the nature of your powers?" Atrocitus, Blue Beetle, Catwoman, Harley Quinn
"Where were they when Tamaranian is sacked?" John Stewart
"You fought with the Regime." The Flash, Green Lantern
"You might want to head start." Cheetah, The Flash
"You remind me of Dick Grayson." Red Hood
"Your gods would have turn back time." Wonder Woman
"Your paranoia does not surprise me." Batman
"You're not the only one who lost people!" Mr. Freeze, Superman
2P Dialogue Opponent
"And her name is Starfire." Supergirl
"And your style is psychotic, Joker." Joker
"After I win, you wanna get pizza?" Cyborg, Supergirl
"Are you blushing, Jay Garrick?" Jay Garrick
"Komand'r betrayed me and all of Tamaran." Doctor Fate
"Forget this hateful crusade." Gorilla Grodd, Mr. Freeze
"Friends don't let friends join the Regime." Cyborg, The Flash, Robin
"Here to end your reign of terror, Ivy." Poison Ivy
"I cannot help the fire. It is part of me." Firestorm, Poison Ivy, Swamp Thing, Vixen
"I still miss him. Every day." Red Hood
"I want none with Dick Grayson's killer!" Robin
"Is that supposed to be an alien joke?" Green Arrow, Harley Quinn
"It belies a Tamaranian temper." Atrocitus, Bane, Swamp Thing
"It is pronounced Tamaranian." Power Girl
"I'll burn out your solar receptor this time." Superman
"Love and passion can't be assimilated." Grid
"Once a Titan, always a Titan." Batman, Reverse-Flash, Superman
"Pain can be overcome, Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"Tamaran never welcomes Green Lanterns." John Stewart
"The Titans can help you, Bizarro." Bizarro
"What does it look like, Hal Jordan?" Green Lantern
"You face the princess of Tamaran." Bizarro, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Red Hood, Sub-Zero

In Battle


Defense Wagers

  • "For the Titans!"
  • "Is something distracting you?"
  • "Feel the burn."
  • "Feeling starstruck?"
  • "Why do you not yield?"

Attack Wagers

  • "Here comes the wildfire!"
  • "Even Trigon couldn't take my heat."
  • "You need a vacation."

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