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Injustice: Gods Among Us will feature 15 Stages including iconic locations such as The Batcave, The Watchtower and Arkham Asylum. What makes Injustice's Stages unique compared to other fighters is that the player can use the environment to one's advantage, for example picking up cars and throwing them at players or kicking an opponent through a building.


Stage Comic Debut Appearance Stage Transitions
Arkham Asylum Batman #258

(October 1974)

Deathstroke vs. The Flash Two
Atlantis Action Comics #18

(November, 1939)

Dcf characterreveal blackadam 17 None
Batcave Detective Comics #112

(June 1946)

Bats Two
Ferris Aircraft Showcase #22

(October 1959)

Grundy vs Green Lantern None
Fortress of Solitude Action Comics #241

(June 1958)

Gotham City Detective Comics #27

(May 1939)

Hall of Justice Justice League of America vol. 2 #7

(May 2007)

Hall of Justice Two
Insurgency Superman #246

(December 1971)

Lantern 3 Two
Joker's Asylum Batman: Arkham Asylum

(August 2009)

Url1 Two
Metropolis Action Comics #16

(September 1939)

Cyborg VS 001 Three
Stryker's Island Superman (Volume 2)

(September, 1987)

Stryker's Island Two
Themyscira All-Star Comics #8

(December 1941)

WW's T Two
The Watchtower JLA #4

(April 1997)

Wayne Manor Detective Comics #28

(June, 1939)

Aquaman 22 Two
Wayne Manor Night Detective Comics #28

(June, 1939)

253420-h1 Two


  • Atlantis and Ferris Aircraft are the only two stages with no stage transitions.
  • Metropolis is the only stage with three stage transitions.
BatCaveSelect InsurgencySelect FortressOfSolitudeSelect

GothamCitySelect MetropolisSelect FerrisAircraftSelect

ThemysciraSelect StrykersIslandSelect WatchtowerSelect

ArkhamAsylumSelect HallOfJusticeSelect WayneManorSelect

JokersAsylumSelect AtlantisSelect WayneManorNightSelect

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