• "Fatality!" - Clash with any character
  • "I will crush your bones" - Clash with any character
  • "I Bring Death" - Clash with any character
  • "For my family and clan!" - Clash with any character
  • "I will end your pain" - Clash with any character

Defense Wagers

  • "You cannot harm me" - Clash with Batman
  • "You are no Sub-Zero" - Clash with Batman
  • "You will join me in hell" - Clash with Superman
  • "I will win this Mortal Kombat" - Clash with Superman

Attack Wagers

  • "As if that matters" - Clash with Batman
  • "You May Try" - Clash with Batman
  • "Plans Fail" - Clash with Superman or (Regime) Superman
  • "There is no justice" - Clash with Superman

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