Injustice 2


  • "Fear not, Deadshot. We'll be ready for tomorrow's attack."
  • "Keep 'em moving. I'll see what that's about..."
  • "Quite a catch, Ivy."
  • "Then you'll appreciate my new formula."
  • "You have a high tolerance..."
  • "...But everyone has something to fear."
  • "We're not... done yet..."
  • "Hehehaha. You're not afraid of Superman, you're afraid you corrupted him."
  • "Brave hero. Your worst fear is becoming the villain of the story."
  • "Classic anger displacement."
  • "We should continue your therapy..."

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"...Except the Joker's Playground." Harley Quinn
"All men know fear, boy." Blue Beetle
"Another like Superman..." Supergirl
"Aww, think you're rehabilitated?" The Flash, Green Lantern, Sub-Zero
"Do you fear death?" Captain Cold, Green Arrow, Red Hood, Reverse-Flash
"Does daddy approve, Cyborg?" Cyborg
"Either way, you owe me." Joker
"Everything you build will fall." Darkseid, John Stewart, Sub-Zero
"Face the awful truth..." Darkseid, John Stewart, Supergirl
"Face your fear, Supergirl." Supergirl
"Fear of imprisonment, Bane." Bane
"Hehehe. Keep telling yourself that." Red Hood, Vixen, Wonder Woman
"How long till someone kills you?" Harley Quinn
"I know you're afraid to fail him." Cyborg
"I love to scan your brain." Bizarro, Harley Quinn
"I shall teach you fear." Joker, Starfire
"It was a compliment." Bizarro, Green Lantern
"I'll visit him next." Black Canary
"I'm afraid you were lost." Power Girl, Reverse-Flash, Supergirl, Vixen
"I'm not so sure." Bizarro, Black Adam, The Flash, Superman
"Nobody's afraid of Bruce Wayne." Batman
"Now I'm hallucinating." Green Arrow, Starfire
"Such a frightful family history..." Batman, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"The new face of oppression." Supergirl
"Today, you will." Green Arrow, Robin
"Touched the nerve there..." Deadshot, Red Hood, Reverse-Flash, Sub-Zero, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"Victor Stone, always online." Cyborg
"You failed your mommy and daddy." Batman
"You have carcerophobia." Bane
"You pretend to be fearless." Gorilla Grodd, Red Hood
"You stole fear toxin." Joker
"You watched a whole planet die." Supergirl
"You will beg for death." Vixen, Wonder Woman
"You will know fear." Green Lantern, Grid, Jay Garrick, Wonder Woman
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Am I'm I too scary for you?" The Flash, Power Girl
"Come on, then. Kiss me." Poison Ivy
"Even gods succumb to fear." Darkseid, Jay Garrick
"Everyone must face their fears." Bizarro, Catwoman, Grid, Starfire
"Go on. Afraid of what?" Harley Quinn
"I am the master of fear." Supergirl
"I called it 'Terror Number 5'." Poison Ivy
"I don't fear you." Harley Quinn
"I love when you're so grim." Batman, Red Hood
"Let's make a canary cry." Black Canary
"Oooh, I'm shaking in my boots." Reverse-Flash, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"Pain requires to create fear." Superman, Wonder Woman
"So I can break out again?" Batman, Vixen
"That's what the gas is for." John Stewart, Starfire, Supergirl
"There are worst ways to die." Aquaman, Darkseid
"We haven't even begun." Supergirl
"Welcome to your nightmare." Green Arrow, Power Girl
"What is this Black Mercy?" Supergirl
"What makes you say that?" The Flash, Mr. Freeze, Sub-Zero

In Battle


Defense Wagers

  • "Crashing... just like your father." - Clash with Green Lantern
  • "Are you distressed?"
  • "Enjoy the mind games?"

Attack Wagers

  • "That's a point."
  • "That sounds terrifying."
  • "Ready for a shocker?"
  • "Can you be sure?"

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