Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Grodd said you couldn't resist a good crisis."
  • "And miss the return of Barry Allen?"
  • "I ran a long way from the future to hurt you, Barry. But this timeline? It's all wrong."
  • "You think I haven't tried?! Your Regime buddies killed one of my ancestors--and now I'm trapped in a paradox! I can never go home..."
  • "...but at least I can hurt you!"
  • "Yeah. And let me tell you about the future. You think you're immortal. But in my time, Diana..."
  • "You're quite dead."

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A lifetime of torment." Deadshot, The Flash, Joker, Poison Ivy
"All heroes are fundamentally flawed." Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, Starfire
"As long as I kill you." Reverse Flash
"Come on then! Charge me up." Raiden
"Doesn't mean you can't die." Firestorm, Swamp Thing
"Exactly what is your plan here?" Enchantress, Grid, Harley Quinn
"Gonna be hard if you don't exist." Bizarro, Green Lantern, Grid
"Historical Records never mentioned you." Firestorm
"Hope is a useless emotion." Supergirl
"How's your mother, Barry?" The Flash
"I could kill you before you were born." Green Lantern
"I know what you deserve." The Flash
"I know your entire history." Catwoman
"I think you're gonna reconsider." Doctor Fate, Robin
"If it isn't freak of the week." Atrocitus, Bizarro, Cheetah, Harley Quinn
"Its got nothing on the Speed Force." Firestorm
"It'll only take a second to kill you." The Flash
"I'm an expert historian." Blue Beetle, Brainiac, Captain Cold, John Stewart
"I'm every bad day you ever had." The Flash
"I'm fast as fast can be." Green Arrow
"I'm from a future you won't see, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing
"I'm going home, one way or another." Atrocitus, Bane, Cyborg, The Flash, Wonder Woman
"I'm here for the Flash." Doctor Fate, Robin
"I'm the fastest man alive." The Flash, Gorilla Grodd
"Killing you isn't all that hard." Hellboy
"Lady, I'm too fast for ya." Black Canary, Catwoman, Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Starfire
"Leonard Snart, is that you?" Sub-Zero
"No wonder the future is screwed up." Blue Beetle
"Oh, it's way too late for that." Bizarro, Supergirl
"Picked the wrong guy to mess with." Aquaman, Enchantress
"Send me back to my time." Doctor Fate, Wonder Woman
"Show me, hero." Atom, Robin
"So, you're the famous Leonard Snart." Captain Cold
"So what? Wanna break my legs?" Black Lightning, Leonardo, Red Hood
"Sorry, lost me at Professor Zoom." Reverse Flash
"That an apocalypse awaits Apokolips." Darkseid
"That gas all you got?" Scarecrow
"That's why you don't have a future." Batman, Raiden, Red Hood, Sub-Zero
"The future won't be ruled by machines." Grid
"The Regime trapped me in your time." The Flash
"There's blood on your conscience." John Stewart, Raiden
"This is nothing personal, Cyborg." Cyborg
"This wasn't part of the plan." Reverse-Flash
"Try scared to death." Catwoman
"To me, you're another victim." Captain Cold, Green Lantern, Hellboy
"Too bad you're not Leonard." Sub-Zero
"Try scared to death, Selina." Catwoman
"We both want revenge, Manta." Black Manta
"What makes you a king, Bane?" Bane
"When you save one life, you sacrifice another." Batman, The Flash
"Who are you?" Reverse-Flash
"You call what you do good?" Batman, The Flash, Red Hood, Robin
"You can't fix the future, Supergirl." Supergirl
"You save one life, you sacrifice another." Batman, The Flash
"You stand between me and the future." Black Lightning, Cyborg
"You sure? I know who kills you." Bane, Brainiac
"You think it was wise to track me down?" Green Arrow, Supergirl
"You think you know right from wrong." Aquaman, Black Lightning, Doctor Fate, Starfire
"You won't see me coming." Aquaman
"Your future isn't too bright, Darkseid." Darkseid
"You'd be surprised." Green Arrow, Harley Quinn
"You'll never catch me." Black Manta, Cheetah, Darkseid, Green Arrow, Poison Ivy
"You're all thunder and no spark." Black Adam, Raiden
"You're another Batman's sidekick?" Harley Quinn, Red Hood
"You're in for a short career." Deadshot, Red Hood
"You're remembered for your strength." Power Girl, Wonder Woman
"You're the best Batman has, Beetle?" Blue Beetle
"You've never let go of your past." Batman
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"After I've killed the lot of you, Cyborg." Cyborg
"Even death can't catch me." Black Manta, Enchantress, The Flash
"Everything will be fine, Eobard Thawne." Reverse Flash
"Finally, someone with a backbone." Black Manta, Catwoman, Robin
"Have enough speed for the chase?" Supergirl
"How would you like being trapped in the past?" Green Lantern, The Flash
"I won't dignify that with a response." Harley Quinn
"Imagining Barry's face after I kill you." Green Lantern
"I'd rather be back in the future, Fate." Doctor Fate
"I'll kill you to keep that a secret, Cold." Captain Cold
"I'm looking for Barry Allen." Swamp Thing
"I'm Professor Zoom, and I'll--" Reverse Flash
"I've mastered the Speed Force, Brainiac." Brainiac
"I've wracked up an impressive kill-count." The Flash
"Isn't that a question for Superman?" Supergirl
"It beats the hell out of the original." Blue Beetle
"Like you, or anyone else can stop me." Batman
"Me, myself, and the Speed Force." Sub-Zero
"More like back from the future." Aquaman, Green Arrow
"No banter? Just an ultimatum?" Black Canary, Darkseid, Red Hood
"Show me a hero and I'll show you a tragedy." Starfire
"So what? Wanna break my legs?" Black Lightning, Red Hood
"The question is: How I'll change the future." Batman
"Then why come to this Earth?" Green Arrow
"Tormenting people serves a purpose." Catwoman
"You can't beat the Speed Force's power." Firestorm
"You can't change my future, it's set." The Flash
"You won't land a blow, Bane." Bane
"You're no legend, I should know." Hellboy

In Battle

  • "You deserve a quick death."
  • "I hate this past."
  • "You couldn't save your own mother." - after winning a round against The Flash
  • "We're total opposites, Barry." - after winning a round against The Flash
  • "It's all your fault, Barry!" - after winning a round against The Flash
  • "You're not the fastest, not even close." after winning a round against with any speedsters


Defense Wagers

  • "Ready for a head-on collision?"
  • "I'll destroy your future."
  • "I'm faster than you in every way."
  • "There's no way to beat me."
  • "Don't make me kill myself!" - Clash with himself

Attack Wagers

  • "Not too quick, are you?"
  • "Not while I'm still running.
  • "I know how this one ends."
  • "I'll never, ever stop."
  • "I meet time itself."
  • "Hate you? I made you, Barry." - Clash with The Flash
  • "The Black Racer is coming." - Clash with himself