Red Arrow is Green Arrow's former sidekick. He helped train Connor Hawke during the building of the new Inserguncy. But when Oliver and Dinah died, he and his wife Sandra took Connor in. They trained him to become the new Green Arrow. Roy assembled the new Inserguncy to defeat Superman. His Legion Of Metahumans gave him the new codename Arsenal.


Roy Harper is a superhero who has gone by the names Speedy, Arsenal and Red Arrow. He is a highly trained weapons expert and martial artist, specializing in archery. Originally he was the sidekick of Green Arrow, but quit over personal issues, and had a long struggle against a heroin addiction. His brief relationship with the super-villain, Cheshire, made him the father of a young girl named Lian Harper. He has been a member of Team Arrow, the Teen Titans, Checkmate, the Suicide Squad, the Outsiders, the Outlaws, and the Justice League of America.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

An alternate version of Roy Harper, as Red Arrow, appears in Green Arrow's ending, patrolling the streets with him.

Powers and Abilities

  • Archery
  • Marksmanship
  • Martial Arts
  • Investigation


Roy wears a red version of Green Arrow's costume, appearing virtually identical save for the color difference.


After Ollie died, I took Connor in. We created The New Inserguncy and The Legion Of Metahumas. But I made another team. A team with Brainiac. If he can bring back Oliver and Dinah back, I trust him.

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