Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Fancy meeting you here." - To Harley Quinn
  • "Your man Bruce was supposed to better care for the Green. All he's done is remodeled the concrete jungles Gotham and Metropolis. Where I sit, there's not much difference between him and Superman." - To Harley explaining why she joined The Society
  • "Grodd will keep his promises, or he'll be my next victim." - To Green Arrow
  • "The old days were fun..."
  • "...but these days I'm all business." - To Harley
  • "Sweet, sweet Harley. This time, you'll be a good girl for Mama..." - To Harley after she uses her pheromones to brainwash her to fight Cyborg or Catwoman
  • "Arkham gave us so many memories, Selina."
  • "Bewitching guards, late night poker...Mandatory shock therapy."
  • "Oh, that's right. You were spared. Thanks to your billionaire boy-toy."
  • "You're just dying to hurt me, aren't you Tin Man? It won't bring back what you lost. Especially below the waist.." - To Cyborg
  • "Poor Harley smelled the wrong roses and now she's going into shock."
  • "Bye, bye. Baby Doll." - To Harley
  • "Oh Cyborg. We don't have to fight." - If the player chooses Cyborg
  • "Let's kiss and make up."
  • "I have no more friends, Selina." - If the player chooses Catwoman
  • "All I have is the Green."

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A songbird in my garden." Black Canary
"All humans are the enemy." Batman, Raiden
"Atlanteans are no better than humans." Aquaman
"Apes are no better than men." Gorilla Grodd
"Boy Wonder..." Red Hood, Robin
"Batman knows his pussycat's loose." Catwoman
"Bet you're good with your hands..." Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Leonardo
"By women who now despise you." Wonder Woman
"Captain Cold..." Captain Cold
"Come here, bug boy." Blue Beetle
"Caught you sneaking a peek..." Green Arrow, Green Lantern
"Cheetah..." Cheetah
"Come here, bug boy..." Blue Beetle
"Crown prince of slime..." Joker
"Done with the clown obsession?" Harley Quinn
"Don't flatter yourself." Batman, Grid
"Egotistical and naive." Black Lightning, Darkseid, Green Lantern
"Even I have boundaries." Joker, Reverse Flash
"Exactly." Batman
"Flowers always cheer me up." Blue Beetle
"Hardly, dear." Supergirl
"Hello, lover." Bizarro, Darkseid, Green Arrow, Hellboy, Jay Garrick, John Stewart, Swamp Thing
"Here to tango?" Atom, The Flash, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"Here's something you don't get enough of." Catwoman
"Hey there, handsome." Black Lightning, The Flash
"How many plants did you kill to make it?" Scarecrow
"Humans pollute your oceans." Aquaman
"I am nature." Cheetah
"I can see why he dumped you." Harley Quinn
"I don't need a twin." Poison Ivy
"I have a gift for you, Beetle." Blue Beetle
"I make this world a better place." Aquaman, Batman
"I plan to." Black Canary
"I scare a man like you?" Bane, Black Manta
"I think you need a hug." Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Red Hood, Superman
"I thought we were friends." Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze
"I'd have put him under my spell." Gorilla Grodd
"I'd rather show than tell." Aquaman, Atrocitus
"I'll break more than that." Harley Quinn
"I'll bring life to Kahndaq." Black Adam
"I'll leave when I'm done with you." Cheetah
"I'll never team up with you again." Joker
"I'll show you how super I am." Supergirl
"I'm an authority on organic matters." Firestorm
"I'm done compromising." Superman, Swamp Thing
"If you'd like..." Black Canary
"In this story: beauty kills the beast." Joker, Raphael
"Is Swamp Thing doing this?" Poison Ivy
"It's better than being radioactive." Firestorm
"Meow." Catwoman
"More's the pity for you." Atom, Black Manta, Green Arrow, John Stewart, Starfire, Swamp Thing
"My plants would like a word with you." Green Arrow, Hellboy, Michelangelo
"My vines around your neck." The Flash
"Nice try, Basil Karlo." Poison Ivy, Raphael
'No doubt your view is better than mine." Captain Cold
"None of the above, sweetie." Harley Quinn
"Normally, I'd offer a kiss." Black Manta, Joker, Scarecrow
"Not anymore." Harley Quinn, Joker, Michelangelo, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"Not what your man thinks." Catwoman
"Not when you burn jet fuel." Green Lantern
"Ohhh, I found a sensitive spot." Raiden, Robin
"One kiss for luck?" Bizarro, Raiden, Robin, Swamp Thing
"Only one way to find out." Poison Ivy, Raphael, Swamp Thing
"Please. I'm the queen of mind games." Atrocitus
"Selfish, like all men." Brainiac, Darkseid
"Selina's billionaire sugar daddy..." Batman
"Show me what else you got." Atom, Poison Ivy
"So, you're the new "it" girl." Enchantress, Power Girl, Supergirl
"Sorry to do this, Bruce." Batman
"Swamp Thing, my pet." Swamp Thing
"Take that helmet off and kiss me." Black Manta, Doctor Fate
"Take the cities. It's the Green I want." Brainiac
"That's both sad and pathetic." Brainiac, The Flash, Joker
"That's not what the plants tell me." Black Adam, Enchantress, Swamp Thing
"That's soon to be quite clear." Green Arrow
"The Green screams in pain." Black Canary
"The nurses'll do that to you." Poison Ivy
"The only cure is killing you." Donatello
"Then I won't feel bad killing you." Enchantress, Starfire, Wonder Woman
"Then I'll tangle you up instead." The Flash
"Then I'll tear you to mulch." Swamp Thing
"Then let's get rough." Bizarro, Hellboy, Jay Garrick, John Stewart, Leonardo, Red Hood, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"They already had their chance." Donatello, Sub-Zero, Vixen
"This is our last dance, Harley." Harley Quinn
"This world's better off without people." Donatello, Enchantress, The Flash, Supergirl, Vixen
"Try not to scratch my face." Catwoman
"Well act like it, darling." Catwoman
"What a creative look..." Atom, Michelangelo, Poison Ivy, Sub-Zero
"What am I gonna do with you?" Harley Quinn, Reverse Flash, Vixen
"What are you looking at, Snart?" Captain Cold
"Where is your ambition?" Aquaman
"You could use a splash of color." Black Canary
"You don't have a choice in a matter." The Flash, Green Arrow, Grid, Reverse Flash, Supergirl
"You got bad karma all over you." Atrocitus, Mr. Freeze, Red Hood, Reverse Flash, Superman
"You make my skin crawl." Scarecrow
"You promised me the Green." Gorilla Grodd
"You sicken the Green!" Darkseid, Donatello
"You should have told me about Brainiac. Gorilla Grodd
"You smell like a gym locker." Bane, The Flash
"You still wear the tiara?" Wonder Woman
"You would find a nauseating way to die." Bane
"You're an abomination." Cyborg, Leonardo
"You're about to find out." Superman, Vixen
"You're all a cancer on this world." Aquaman, Power Girl
"You're immune to my charm." Brainiac, Swamp Thing
"You're no fun at all." Bizarro, Black Lightning, Doctor Fate, Mr. Freeze, Superman, Swamp Thing
"You're not that special, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing
"You're part of the problem." Black Lightning, Green Lantern, Raphael
"You're right. Kiss me." Captain Cold, Green Lantern
"You're too dangerous." Firestorm, Joker
"Young, dumb, and ready to die." Atom, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Robin
"Your opinion is biased." Black Adam
"Your Regime failed the Green." Black Adam, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman
"Yours will be enough." Black Canary
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Atlantis belongs to the Green." Aquaman
"Are you his new youthful ward?" Atom, Firestorm
"Choke on them." Green Arrow
"Come over here and find out." John Stewart, Reverse Flash, Supergirl
"Didn't have time to do my hair." Poison Ivy, Starfire, Swamp Thing
"Don't you dare hurt my babies!" Bizarro, Wonder Woman
"Don't you talk to fish?" Aquaman
"Dr. Quinzel..." Harley Quinn
"Enslaving humanity is balance." Doctor Fate, Vixen
"Flattery might spare your life." Blue Beetle
"For being botanophobes." Scarecrow
"He has nothing to do with me." Poison Ivy
"His lie will cost him dearly." Cheetah
"I am not your servant." Darkseid, Gorilla Grodd
"I am the Green's chosen warrior." Black Adam, Black Manta, Donatello, Hellboy, Leonardo, Raiden, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman
"I didn't ask you to protect me." Swamp Thing
"I don't bite, Lantern." Green Lantern
"I don't like betrayal." Gorilla Grodd
"I would die for the Green." Atom, Darkseid, Donatello, Enchantress, Michelangelo
"I'll curl your toes." Power Girl, Reverse Flash, Sub-Zero
"I'll protect my children." Captain Cold, Enchantress, Swamp Thing
"I'm not Clayface, sweetie." Poison Ivy
"I'm not naive, Brainiac." Brainiac
"It's a cruel world, sister." Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"It's an insane world. I'm fixing it." Black Lightning, Power Girl, Robin
"It's not all about looks." Poison Ivy
"Kisses only, please." Harley Quinn, Swamp Thing
"Look at how he ruin this world." Firestorm
"Looking for a hot date." Batman, The Flash, Supergirl, Swamp Thing
"My blood's a seething mass of poison." Brainiac, Raphael, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"Snap a vine, I'll snap your neck." Atrocitus, Red Hood
"Sorry, you're not my type." Joker, Mr. Freeze, Raphael, Sub-Zero
"Tell that to your Regime friends." The Flash
"The Green must be restored." Doctor Fate, Green Arrow, Leonardo, Superman
"The kind that's hard to kill." Black Lightning, Scarecrow
"The plants are mad at you." Michelangelo
"Thought we get to know each other." Blue Beetle
"What do you have in mind?" Green Arrow, Harley Quinn
"You think the Green is a joke?" Green Lantern, Joker
"You wouldn't have a chance in hell." Joker
"You're all business and no pleasure." Black Manta, Deadshot, The Flash

In Battle

  • "Have a kiss before dying?"
  • "A kiss will make it all better."
  • "Oops did I do that?"
  • "Let's kiss and make up."
  • "I can give you relief, honey."
  • "Where have you been all my life?"
  • "So many to kill, so little time."
  • "Take a good long look."
  • "This planet has enough problems."
  • "People ruin this world."
  • "We could've been lovers." - After beating Swamp Thing in a match
  • "Tsk tsk Selina." - After beating Catwoman in a match
  • "I almost miss you sometimes." - After beating Harley Quinn in a match
  • "Go to sleep, Harley." - After beating Harley Quinn in a match
  • "You're poisoning yourself." - After beating Scarecrow in a match
  • "Are you the bird or the prey?" - After beating Black Canary in a match


Defense Wagers

  • "Kiss me, lover!"
  • "Touch me. I dare you."
  • "I'll spit on your grave."
  • "Ready for more fun?"
  • "Give into me!"
  • "One kiss and you're dead."
  • "We could've had something."
  • "Did I mention I'm poison?"
  • "This isn't your world."
  • "A kiss, Adam?" - Clash with Black Adam
  • "Eyes up here, kid." - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "Such a lovely mouth." - Clash with Black Canary
  • "You lack experience." - Clash with Firestorm or Supergirl

Attack Wagers

  • "Not this season."
  • "Tempting, but no."
  • "Keep away from my children!"
  • "That well's been poisoned."
  • "That's debatable."
  • "I'm no damsel in distress."
  • "Don't lecture me."
  • "Sweaty pig!" - Clash with Bane
  • "From you, Bruce?" - Clash with Batman
  • "I have that effect on men." - Clash with Firestorm, Bane, Sub-Zero
  • "Except a human problem." - Clash with Green Arrow
  • "I know." - Clash with Harley Quinn
  • "Choke on it!" - Clash with Joker, Black Canary
  • "That's the point, Hal." - Clash with Green Lantern