Plastic Man is the shape-shifting, malleable, fun-loving crime-fighter.


Plastic Man is a super-hero whose unique completely malleable body chemistry allows him to stretch to great lengths and contort himself into any position imaginable. Originally a criminal nicknamed "Eel" O'Brian, an accident in a chemical factory gave him his ability and he reformed to fight against crime. Despite being one of the most powerful entities on the planet because of the limitless nature of his powers, he has a care-free and humorous attitude towards life, leading many to not take him seriously. He has been a member of the Justice League.

Injustice Comic

Year Three

Plastic Man is seen among the gathered super-heroes at Congress after Lara Lane-Kent delivered her speech to them, mingling among the heroes and politicians.

Year Four

In Year Four, Plastic Man's son was imprisoned for aiding anti-Regime protesters. With little choice, Plastic Man visits the Justice League in order to plead for his son's release.

Unhappy with Superman's change and that of the rest of the League's, he openly calls Superman a despot. Before a fight can break out, Flash intervenes and has Plastic Man leave the building. While talking with Flash outside the Hall of Justice, he proceeds to knock out Flash and disguise himself the speedster. Deceiving Cyborg, he is able to find out about the Trench, the underwater prison where his son is being kept.

Stealing the remaining Green Lantern power rings, Plastic Man infiltrates the prison. Getting Kilowog to start a prison riot, Plastic Man proceeds to free all the inmates.

With Superman and his allies coming over, Plastic Man immediately returns the power rings, but Sinestro shoots an energy beam at the prison, killing Kilowog and causing a hole at the prison's dome.

While the Green Lanterns attempt to close the hole, Plastic Man stops them as the resulting destruction of the prison due to the pressure would effectively end the initial chase. Acting as a patch, he has Offspring activate Mirror Master's belt in order to transport the inmates out. Joining them and his son last, he delivers a speech to the inmates, asking them to keep causing trouble for Superman. With all the former inmates returning to the real world, Plastic Man decides to go to into hiding with his son until the time Superman is overthrown.

Powers and Abilities


Plastic Man wears a red leotard with yellow highlights and a pair of stylish protective glasses over his eyes.