Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Angry and determined, Bane." Bane
"Have I succumbed to madness?" Bizarro, Mr. Freeze
"Have you ever lost your dearest love?" Joker
"How are you still alive? Red Hood, Swamp Thing
"I am not known for empty threats." Harley Quinn
"I am the master of cold, Sub-Zero." Sub-Zero
"I must know the secret of your creation." Bizarro, Poison Ivy, Raiden
"I must save my beloved Nora." Harley Quinn
"I need your Venom to heal my wife." Bane
"I require your blood for my research." Red Hood, Wonder Woman
"I will bury him under snow." Red Hood
"I will freeze the world to save Nora." Atrocitus, The Flash, Starfire
"I will gladly trade your life for Nora's." Black Adam, The Flash, Starfire
"I will not help you, Joker." Joker
"If you lost Joan, you'd know my pain." Jay Garrick
"Is that fact or mere hyperbole?" Catwoman, Sub-Zero, Superman
"I'll aid Superman, if he aids my research." Robin
"I'm not going anywhere, Lantern." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"Killing you will make Batman retreat." Red Hood
"My heart is ice" Scarecrow
"Oh my, that ice is breaking." Reverse-Flash
"One of Batman's "super friends"." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"So do not stand there in smug judgment." Jay Garrick
"That assumption is flawed." Cyborg, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"Then do not judge my frozen heart." Starfire
"Then you are no use to my research." Black Manta, Green Arrow
"Then you've iced our deal, Black Manta." Black Manta
"This "Anti-Life" intrigues me." Darkseid
"You are back from the dead, Green Arrow." Green Arrow
"You are the product of Lex Luthor's genius." Bizarro
"You can survive the cold, Cyborg?" Cyborg
"You will be frozen for study." Bizarro, Black Lightning, Gorilla Grodd, Joker
"Your body can regenerate." Poison Ivy
"Your ego makes you snow-blind." Aquaman, Black Lightning, Robin
"Your hypothesis will be proven false." Sub-Zero
"Your kingdom will soon be frozen over." Aquaman
"You're walking on thin ice." Reverse-Flash
"I'am beyond terror and fear." Scarecrow
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"A mistaken impression on your part." Batman, Poison Ivy
"Cheap puns are beneath you, Beetle." Blue Beetle
"I did. And this is where it got me." The Flash, John Stewart
"I have a job which requires your talent." Deadshot, Joker
"I shall numb my pain, Raiden." Raiden
"I will stop at nothing to save my wife." Aquaman, Brainiac, Starfire
"I would kill you to save Nora." Batman, Darkseid
"I'm a scientist, not a psychopath." Black Manta, Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing
"It would make the twilight sparkle." Harley Quinn
"My body needs cold to survive." Scarecrow
"My frozen heart seeks cold vengeance." Cyborg, Superman
"My icy heart cannot be thawed." Bizarro, Green Arrow, Starfire, Supergirl
"My research requires that I continue." Black Canary, Sub-Zero
"Resurrecting Lex Luthor is beyond me." Bizarro
"Then why do you block my path?" Jay Garrick, Raiden
"They say you are a cold blooded killer." Joker
"What I do, I do for Nora." Batman, The Flash
"What is it I don't understand?" Sub-Zero
"You dare mock my suffering?" Harley Quinn, Red Hood

In Battle


Defense Wagers

Attack Wagers

  • "You can't stop my research."
  • "You will shatter like ice."
  • "Nora is not dead!"

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