Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

  • I did, and this is where it got me.
  • I must save my my beloved Nora.
  • I am not known for empty threats.
  • Now are you still alive?
  • You can survive the cold Cyborg?
  • Is that fact or mere hyperbole?
  • Your kingdom will soon be frozen over.
  • This Anti-Life intrigues me.
  • Your walking on thin ice.
  • Oh look, that ice is cracking.
  • I'm a scientist, not a killer.
  • You are back from the dead Green Arrow.
  • You dare mock my suffering.
  • I will not help you Joker.
  • Have you ever lost your dearest love?
  • Your body regenerates.
  • I'll aid Superman, if he aids my research.
  • My body needs cold to survive.
  • I'm not going anywhere lantern.
  • If you lost Joan, you'd feel my pain.
  • Do not stand there in judgement.
  • I'm not going anywhere lantern.
  • One of Batman's super friends.
  • Cheap puns are beneath you Beetle.

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