The Man-Bat is a frequent foe of Batman and appears in the Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic.


Man-Bat is a man-sized bat and an adversary of Batman. He was a scientist named Kirk Langstrom who was specialized in the study of bats and created a formula that transformed him into his monstrous bat-like form.

Injustice Comic

Year One

The Man-Bat appears in the villain's exclusive bar World's End, attempting to enjoy a drink when Wonder Woman and the Flash arrive in their search for Mirror Master.

Year Five

Ground Zero

Injustice 2 Comic

Man-Bat was seen as one of the members of the Suicide Squad. He abducts one of the corporate heads for Ra's al Ghul.

Powers and Abilities

When transformed into his Man-Bat form, Langstrom gains enhanced strength, stamina, and can fly with his new wings. He also gains a bats natural echo-location sense.


The Man-Bat is a mutated human with characteristics of bats, including wings, claws, long ears and deformed nose.

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