Must I remind you of my superiority?

Lex Luthor is a playable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us. He is classified as a Power User. In combat, Luthor utilizes a man-made Warsuit designed by LexCorp.


Criminal genius Lex Luthor hates his intellectual inferiors but loathes Superman most of all. He can’t stand that a muscle-bound alien garners more attention and adulation than a man of his stature.


Best friend of the High Councilor, Lex Luthor is also the chief weapons supplier of the One Earth army. However, he supports and finances Batman’s Insurgents in secret to topple Superman’s regime.

Injustice Comic

Year One

The parallel universe Lex Luthor (who never took to a life of crime) survived the destruction of Metropolis by having a speedster on his payroll quickly move him into a secure bunker in his Lexcorp tower. Lex survived a month in the bunker before managing to repair his emergency radio and issue a single broadcast to all radios across several states and even reach the Justice League's Watchtower. Lex's bunker was found by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern under the ruins of his tower, with the Man of Steel shocked then quickly overjoyed to discover his friend was alive.

Lex explains his contingency plan that ensured his survival before asking what has happened since the nuclear blast. Superman promises to tell him later, as Lex is still in danger from the lingering radiation in the city. Once he's out of the city, Lex requests a meeting with the Justice League, explaining he knows what they're trying to do, before pointing out that it's still a lot of work, even for them. He offers them assistance by helping them form better plans for their mission, though Wonder Woman is quick to ask if they can trust him.

Lex stuns everyone in the Watchtower by revealing their secret identities one by one. He points out that because of his intelligence, their secret identities "Are no secret to me." He reveals that he's protected their identities and loved ones for some time, and that they've "Had to trust me for a long time. You just didn't know it." He then asks to join them.

Lex is seen among the gathered Justice League, listening to Flash reveal Hawkgirl's kidnapping at the hands of Captain Atom, Black Lightning, and Huntress. When they can't figure out why they would be working together, Luthor calmly points out, "It's Batman." When Green Lantern points out Batman wasn't seen there, Luthor uses this as his argument that the Dark Knight was involved. After explaining that the League is too thinly spread out and that Batman will use this to pick them all off one by one, he suggests to Superman that he needs more people.

The Flash angrily disagrees with this idea and says they need to find Hawkgirl, but to the heroes shock, she appears before all of them.

Lex is in disbelief that Batman just returned Shiera, and silently listens to the League as they begin to argue after Hawkgirl gives Batman's message of working with the world instead of for it. Once Damian points out his father's plan of having the League fight amongst themselves, Lex confirms the young boy's words and suggests to Superman that he let him help shape the League's message of peace by promoting a press conference in Paris. Superman agrees to this, and also suggests other members of the League accompany him.

Sometime later, Lex checks on Superman as he dresses in a suit, and eases his worries by reminding him, "I think this is one of those jobs for Clark." Luthor then introduces Clark to the gathered crowds before the conference and stands by his side while Clark delivers his speech to the people. Lex is next seen barely avoiding a blast from a Parademon as they begin their full assault in Paris.

After Superman has wiped out the entire invasion force of Parademons, Lex happily presents the victorious Man of Steel to the cheering masses.

Sometime afterward on the Watchtower, Lex approaches Superman and Wonder Woman as they discuss raising an army to enforce the peace they've created, correcting Diana after she says there are no more like them to create such an army, with Lex saying, "Not yet. But there will be."

Lex is present at the Hall of Justice as Superman arrives with Lobo. Murmuring, "This can't be good..." he approaches the Man of Steel and bounty hunter, he asks Superman if everything is ok, with Kal-El assuring his friend that everything is fine. When Lex points out the company Superman has, the Man of Steel explains that Lobo will be doing a little work for him.

When Lex mockingly declares he hopes Lobo will be a model employee, the Main Man snatches him by the collar, infuriated by Luthor's tone and sarcasm. Superman pulls Lobo back but the bounty hunter has taken notice of the nanotech pill Luthor is carrying and takes interest in it, forcing Lex to explain its purpose and function before he decides he wants it as his payment.

Though Superman is concerned about Lobo having one, Luthor assures him that the pill would most likely not work on him. After this, Lobo identifies Harley's scent, as well as her insanity through her scent, which Lex finds ridiculous until Lobo calls him for his nervousness in his own scent. Superman quickly sends Lobo off, leaving Lex to ask his friend if letting him loose is a good idea. Superman assures him he has Lobo under control.

Lex has completed the first of the enhancement pills within the Fortress of Solitude, and is in awe of his work. Jonathan Kent then asks him if he's proud of himself, with Luthor admitting he is, having adapted alien technology to enhance the human race even further. Martha Kent tells Lex that Clark doesn't need such a thing but needs someone to talk to. Lex disagrees, saying Superman is doing something far greater than they can comprehend.

The Kents disagree, with Martha insisting that her son is hurting and Jonathan saying he's lost control after losing Metropolis and Lois.

Martha then tells Lex of the first time she and Jonathan witnessed Clark using his superstrength as a child after he lost a blanket. Luthor is puzzled that she's calling her son a frightened child, asking if what Superman is doing is some kind of super-tantrum. Jonathan then asks him if he honestly can't see that Clark needs help. Lex is silent, unable to reply.

As he looks on Superman's insignia on a wall in the Fortress, Lex admits that he wants to believe in Clark's cause and that he doesn't want what happened to Metropolis to happen again. When Martha asks him if he feels guilty for surviving Metropolis while others died, Lex admits he does.

The Kents then tell Lex that Superman's actions may become even more drastic in the near future, and when he asks what they would have him do, Jonathan tells him he expects him to do what's right and that by creating the pill, he's created a means that will put power back in the hands of the common people. Jonathan then asks that on the day the world needs that technology to fight against his son, Lex will find a way to save him.

Lex is wrapping up his presentation of the completed nanotech enhancement pill before the gathered Justice League, explaining its qualities to a confused Damian Wayne. He next suggests they draw up a list of candidates to recruit and disperse out the pills to as to begin forming their ground troops and corrects Green Lantern when he calls it an army, insisting that the recruits would be a peace-keeping force only.

Lex is among the small group of League members who learn Batman has been spying on them by using Martian Manhunter to disguise himself as Hawkgirl. Lex is silent for a while as he takes every word in before suggesting to Superman that they call everyone back in, saying that no one should be alone and they need a plan to protect the others close to them, though Superman disagrees with this, saying it's exactly what Batman wants.

Instead, the Man of Steel attempts to publicly oust Batman's identity but just as he is about to, the Watchtower goes offline entirely. Lex keeps a cool head, asking if the teleporters are still online before saying they need to get the Watchtower down to Earth before they run out of oxygen. Superman refuses at first, insisting they reveal Batman's identity first. When Cyborg says there's no way, Damian reminds them that Lex is the smartest man in the world, causing Lex and cyborg to share a look before placing Batman's identity on the internet.

Lex is aiding in the repair of the Watchtower alongside Cyborg and Shazam when Hawkgirl returns. Understandably distrusting, Lex showed Hawkgirl a match to make sure she was who she claimed to be. After Shiera easily puts the match out, Lex confirms her identity.

Though unconfirmed, it is hinted that the person who appears in the Batcomputer to Batman before his fateful confrontation with Superman was Lex, who desperately warned the Dark Knight to escape the Man of Steel's wrath.

Lex stands along with the Justice League and Superman before the United Nations as the Man of Steel announces Batman as a terrorist and unveils his growing army.

Year Two

Lex is seen paying his respects to the fallen Oliver Queen before leaving.

Lex reappears alongside Superman explaining the functions of their soldiers and how they have chosen Gotham to be the first city to receive a new form of protection of enhanced soldiers constantly patrolling and protecting the city. Lex is silent as Superman and Gotham's mayor discuss Commissioner Gordon's failure to clean up Gotham.

Lex is with Superman and the Flash in the Hall of Justice with Sinestro imprisoned in a special cell designed by Luthor. Lex is in agreement with Flash on how dangerous it is to keep Sinestro on Earth. Luthor listens to Sinestro as he relegates his origins to the three, comparing his downfall similar to Superman's, but he is still firm in his belief that they cannot trust him.

Sinestro suddenly easily walks out of his cell, surrounded by the yellow power of fear, shocking Lex, who calls it impossible. Sinestro tells him he has no idea what he can do, and Lex agrees, and Sinestro threatens to kill him with a thought but Flash quickly moves between the two. Sinestro realizes they fear him, with Luthor agreeing easily, and so the alien hands his ring over to the human, shocking Lex, and Sinestro returns to his cell, vowing that they will need his help when the Guardians come for Superman.

Luthor is observing Sinestro through his cell in the Hall of Justice when Hawkgirl walks up to him, asking if Sinestro really gave up his powers and allowed himself to be imprisoned. Though Lex confirms her questions, he still suspects Sinestro has another play planned, though the alien warlord only reiterates that the Green Lanterns will come for Superman and that they will free him to help the Man of Steel fight them.

Lex stands vigilant outside of Sinestro's cell in the Hall of Justice. Sinestro realizes the Green Lanterns have arrived and tells Luthor that Superman will need his help. Turning away, Lex says he will not let Sinestro out of his cell. Sinestro suddenly questions Lex over his own ambitions and suggests he wants Superman to fail against the Green Lanterns so that he may have the world for himself.

Lex warns Sinestro, but the alien warlord tells him that if the Corps gets Superman, his dreams for this world will die, but he can stop them. As Luthor ponders over Sinestro's ring, Sinestro asks him if he doesn't want Sinestro to save Superman. Reaching a decision, Lex frees Sinestro from his cell and hands his ring over to him, but warns Sinestro, "I won't let you corrupt him." As Sinestro takes his ring back, he tells Luthor that Superman doesn't need him to corrupt him.

Seven months later, Lex is among the Regime forces stationed outside the Hall of Justice, silently observing the sky as it turns green. When the Gotham resistance launches its attack on the Hall of Justice, Cyborg protects Luthor in the ensuing conflict until Lex gives him the order to retreat using the teleporter to get to the Watchtower, saying he's cannot be taken as he is needed to coordinate their forces. Cyborg reluctantly complies, but right before he teleports, he informs Lex that he has discovered someone monitoring their communications.

As Lex beats off advancing GCPD forces, he orders Cyborg to shut down their communications, but Cyborg refuses, saying their forces will be blind. Cyborg assures Luthor he will find whoever is monitoring them, but Lex continues to order him to shut the communications down, only to be ignored as Cyborg teleports away. Lex is then overwhelmed and subdued by the resistance, with Harvey Bullock holding him down.

When Lex sees Commissioner Gordon, he declares surrender and asks to speak to him about Oracle. Gordon lets him up, and Lex asks to speak to him alone. After the two step off to the side, Lex reveals to Gordon that he has been the one supplying them with information before telling him that Cyborg knows that they are listening in and that he will soon find Oracle.

Gordon feigns ignorance, but Lex whispers to him, "He's going to trace the program back to Barbara." Lex explains to a shocked Gordon that it took him years to uncover her identity and that while she is very good, he's underestimated Cyborg, explaining his half-machine status and that if he finds her identity, she'll never be safe. Gordon then demands to be taken to Cyborg, and Lex complies, leading him to the teleporters.

Lex explains to Gordon that they will only teleport him to the Watchtower if Gordon accompanies him. Lex then explains that it has to look like he was taken against his will, saying that if they lose the war, the Regime cannot learn the truth. Gordon then asks him if he knows how advanced his cancer is, and after Lex gives his condolences to him, Gordon assures his secret his safe, as dead men don't tell secrets. The two men then teleport to the Watchtower.

Luthor feigns unconsciousness while Gordon confronts Cyborg. When Gordon manages to knock Cyborg out and stop him from tracing Barbara, Lex collects the Commissioner's discarded glasses before going over to him, telling him his daughter is now safe. When Gordon asks about Cyborg's condition, Lex tell's him he's still alive, but out of action.

Lex then asks Gordon if he understands why he couldn't act directly, Gordon tells him he does understand, and Lex helps him to his feet. Luthor points out that Gordon doesn't look well, before asking him if he knew that the super-pills were increasing the strength of his cancer. Gordon reveals he did before asking Lex to take Cyborg back down using the teleporter to allow him a moment to himself. Understanding the Commissioner's request, Lex agrees and leaves with Cyborg.

Year Three

Luthor is among the few of Superman's allies remaining after the war with the Green Lantern Corps and he appears in the damaged Hall of Justice, standing alongside Hawkgirl and Shazam before Superman's throne. When Superman questions Lex on any word of their missing allies, Lex responds that they've investigated every avenue and come up with nothing and says, "It's like Batman took our friends and simply vanished."

Luthor is visibly surprised when a loud voice echoes through the hall, calling out to Superman, and Lex is not present, being unable to fly, as Superman and his allies confront the Spectre outside.

Lex stands by a computer monitor in the Hall of Justice when the Spectre arrives, informing them that Superman has gone missing. When Yellow Lantern asks Lex if they can track Superman via his com-link, Luthor informs him, "He hasn't activated it. No communication. No location." Though Superman manages to reactivate his communicator, Lex is not seen again.

Year Four

Year Five

Injustice: Gods Among Us

In the main universe, Lex Luthor orchestrated a super-terrorist attack on Metropolis, which would occupy the superhero community while Joker, who was broken out of Arkham by Deathstroke, prepared a nuke. With Metropolis destroyed, Luthor would offer to rebuild it, and gain national trust. Deathstroke was ordered to remain in Arkham to distract Batman, who eventually defeated the mercenary. Meanwhile, Luthor alongside Catwoman, Bane, and Solomon Grundy distracted the Titans by attacking the Watchtower. Batman received a distress call from Nightwing and was able to break the encryption. Luthor sicced Bane on him, but the terrorist was quickly defeated. Enraged, Lex charged at Batman, who countered him with explosive Batarangs. Lex was defeated, his Warsuit deactivated with EMP inhibitors. As Catwoman, Bane, and Solomon Grundy were escorted into Arkham by Raven, Luthor maniacally revealed his plan to Batman, but was knocked out by a frustrated Nightwing.

In the One-Earth universe, Lex Luthor never turned to crime to achieve his goals and was able to gain Superman's trust. Though acting as a trusted advisor to the High Councilor, Luthor had secretly aligned himself with the Insurgency and funded their research. Luthor and Batman took to monitoring an Alternate World where the destruction of Metropolis never occurred. They eventually proceeded to transport the dimension's Justice League to their own, since their DNA is required to access a Kryptonite weapon.

Luthor was eventually confronted by Deathstroke, who claimed he was ready to join the Insurgency. While the two were discussing plans on taking down Superman, they were attacked by the newly-arrived Cyborg (from the good dimension), who believed them to be villains, plotting the death of the Good Superman. After defeating them both, Cyborg was told to stand down by Batman and was eventually informed of the situation.

Lex contacted Cyborg and Deathstroke shortly after their infiltration of the Watchtower. He claimed they had been doing this in secret since Batman would've assumed these responsibilities himself, and that risking Bruce's life could lead to the fall of the Insurgency. Cyborg informed him that the reactor had gone critical, but Luthor kept a calm demeanor. He made sure everyone in the Watchtower was evacuated safely.

After finding out that the Batman was to be executed at Stryker's Island, he searched for other means of re-weaponizing Batman's Kryptonite and found a prototype technology in Ferris Aircraft, sending Deathstroke to retrieve it. (not telling Batman about this development as he would've insisted on using it himself).

During the attack on Stryker's Island, Lex Luthor proceeded to install the weaponized Kryptonite Laser into his Warsuit. He exited the Insurgency base and attempted to fly to Stryker's Island. Lex was immediately shot down by anti-air tracking missiles. Lex landed in Metropolis, where he was confronted by Joker and Harley Quinn, who had apparently hijacked a Regime Assault vehicle. Assuming Luthor was working for the Regime, Joker ordered Harley Quinn to kill Luthor and retrieve the Warsuit. Luthor managed to best Harleen in combat but was shocked to see Joker attempt to finish her off. Disgusted, Luthor beat the Joker unconscious and offered a ragingly heart-broken Harley consolation. Initially confronted aggressively by the Clan, Harleen assured them that Luthor was an ally, while Joker, was not. Luthor proceeded to Stryker's Island, where he drew Hawkgirl and Black Adam away from the fight. Lex managed to ground both of them with missiles, causing Hawkgirl to plummet into the plaza of the Hall of Justice. Luthor approached her mercifully but had to beat her unconscious, as she continued to aggress him. Realizing how useful her Nth Metal belt could be, Luthor tried removing it but was attacked by Shazam. Billy was shocked and confused by Luthor's betrayal, but was nonetheless, beaten to the ground. Luthor expressed disgust on how corrupted Shazam became through "hero-worship".

Once Shazam was down, Luthor noticed the destruction of the Watchtower (caused by Deathstroke) and decided to draw Superman to him, shouting "Superman, your time is over!". He readied the Kryptonite Laser but was electrocuted by a recovered Shazam. This stunned him and caused the laser to malfunction. Enraged by his betrayal, Superman flew directly into Luthor. He proceeded to rip the Lex out of his Warsuit. He told Luthor "I gave you peace", Luthor replied: "your a joke". For this, Superman choked Luthor and broke his neck, killing him. This act, however, caused Superman great shame, as it made those who were watching condemn Superman for the cold-blooded murder of such a respected man, in front of the Hall of Justice.

After the "One Earth" government was taken down, Cyborg visited Lex Luthor's memorial to pay his respects to the hero of that world, placing the torn chest plate of his battle suit on his grave.

Powers and Abilities

By all accounts a mere mortal, Lex Luthor's greatest and most dangerous weapon is his mind. A certified genius, Lex is capable of creating a plethora of weapons able to wound and even kill the godlike superhumans of Injustice. His two most infamous creations are the 5-U-93-R nanotech pill, created from reverse engineered Kryptonian technology, and his warsuit. Lex's warsuit is a massive mech that allows him to go blow for blow with superpowered individuals and hold his own, and even defeat some of the most powerful superbeings seen.

The suit possesses superhuman strength and a degree of durability that allows it to grapple with and survive blows from Superman and Shazam themselves, while also carrying dozens of on board weapons and defensive measurements. Aside from the suit's great strength, it also has several missiles stored inside for long range attacks, the missiles able to wind and even knock out Black Adam, portal anti-gravity mines that deal devastating electrical damage, a tractor beam stored that can pull and push Lex's foes, and a large technological battle-ax that can fire bursts of energy to go along with its cutting edge. The warsuit's most dangerous weapon is not one installed in it, but from the satellite link up it can establish. Lex can use his suit's connection with his own company's satellites to gather a large collection of energy that his suit can capture and throw like a massive bomb, the explosion so large it can be seen from outer space. Aside from the suit's own natural durability, it's defensive output can be temporarily boosted by a barrier of electromagnetic energy that nullifies attacks.

Special Moves

  • Gravity Pull: Lex activates a gravity beam that pulls his opponent towards him before he launches them back. The Meter Burn version has the opponent stop just before reaching Lex.
  • Gravity Mine: Lex throws a small mine at his opponent that electrocutes them on contact. The Meter Burn version has the mine explode after electrocuting the opponent.
  • Orbital Strike: Lex points at his opponent and a beam fires down from the sky on them, presumably from a satellite. The Meter Burn version instead has several missiles fire down on the opponent.
  • Lex Probe: Luthor throws a small orb into the air where it floats before firing a small projectile at his opponent. The Meter Burn version has Lex throw two orbs for an additional hit.
  • Lance Blast: Lex pulls out a long lance and fires a blast from the end at his opponent.
  • Up Lance Blast: Lex pulls out a long lance, angles it up, and fires a blast from the end.
  • Corp Charge: Lex does a full-body dash, slamming into his opponent. Can be done in the air.

Character Trait

Energy Shield: Lex Luthor's Energy Shield is chargeable by holding down the Trait button, and has three levels and can absorb up to one hit:

  • Level 1 lasts only 2 seconds.
  • Level 2 lasts twice as long and absorbs 50% of damage.
  • Level 3 lasts four times as long and absorbs 100% of damage.

Other Moves

  • Grab: Lex grabs his opponent with both hands and tosses them over his shoulder face first into the ground.

Super Move

  • Coordinates Received: Lex traps his enemy in an energy field and quickly types in a few coordinates to a satellite. The satellite shoots down a laser which Lex catches and focuses into an energy ball which he smashes on top of his enemy. The explosion can be seen from space.


Move List

Basic Attacks:

  • Photon Shot - [ L ] 
  • Cyber Hammerfist - [ M ]
  • Photon Kick - [ H ] 
  • Nuclear Trip - [ ← + L ]
  • Alpha Slam - [ ← + M ]
  • Ion Push - [ ← + H ] / ( Hold to charge or [ ← ← + MB ] to Bounce Cancel )
  • Downward Destruction - [ → + M ]
  • Double Shot - [ → + H ] ( Hold to charge or [ → → MB ] to Bounce Cancel )
  • Sky Fall - [ ↑ + H ]
  • Low Shot - [ ↓ + L ]
  • Geyser Uppercut - [ ↓ + M ]
  • Low Push Kick - [ ↓ + H ]

Air Attacks: 

  • High Pressure - [ L ]
  • Overcharge Kick - [ M ] 
  • Hyper Axe - [ H ] 


  • Forward / Reverse Throw - [ ← / → L + H ]

Combo Attacks:

  • Mad Man - [ L , L ]
  • Criminal Mind - [ L , L , M ] 
  • Prototype - [ L , L , H ]
  • Highest Currency - [ ← + L , H ]
  • Die Hard - [ M , L ] 
  • World Domination - [ M , L , H ] 
  • Early Triumph - [ M , M ]
  • New Destiny - [ M , M , ← + H ]
  • Evil Scientist - [ M , M , ↓ + L ]
  • LexCorp - [ ← + M , ↑ + H ]
  • Megalomania - [ ← + M , ↑ + H , ↓ + H ]

Special Moves:

  • Gravity Pull - [ ↓ , ← , M ]
  • Gravity Mine - [ ↓ , ↓ , H ]
  • Close Gravity Mine - [ ↓ , ↓ , H , ← ]
  • Far Gravity Mine - [ ↓ , ↓ , H , → ]
  • Orbital Strike - [ ↓ , → , H ]
  • Lex Probe - [ ↓ , ← , H ]
  • Lance Blast - [ ↓ , → , L ]
  • Up Lance Blast - [ ↓ , ← , L ]
  • Corp Charge - [ ← , → , M ]  ( Ground and Air )
    Super Move-137592681700:18

    Super Move-1375926817


Injustice Gods Among Us - Lex Luthor Ending 【HD】00:38

Injustice Gods Among Us - Lex Luthor Ending 【HD】

A win against this world's Superman was greatly satisfying. But its aftermath would be sweeter still. Luthor had traveled to this dimension to convince its residents that he was their Luthor, who had miraculously survived the High Councilor's globally televised attack on him. Beloved before, the triumphant Luthor was now worshiped. He was elected President of the United States--but soon looked to further consolidate his power.


Story Mode

  • "You're interrupting tonight's entertainment, Raven."
  • "Now, if there are no further interruptions..."
  • "Bane?"
  • "Geniuses often are."
  • "You hero types are all alike..."
  • "...even less imposing close up."
  • "Resigned to throwing toys?"
  • "Damn you!"
  • "I can see the headlines: Justice League Fails; Clown Kills Millions..."
  • "Most of the League dies...And Superman's beloved city is vaporized...I console the masses by offering to rebuild it. In my own image of cou-unn..."
  • "Not the only one..."
  • "Unlike your Luthor, I never indulged in law-breaking. Superman doesn't suspect his best friend is funding the Insurgency."
  • "The nuclear bomb? It didn't go off. Your transfer somehow prevented it."
  • "We've been monitoring your world for some time. You four specifically."
  • "Beautiful, isn't it..."
  • "I'm pleased you wanted to meet. You're finally ready to join our little club?"
  • "After so many refusals...Why now?"
  • "So you need some sort of scanner. To help identify these duplicates?"
  • "That's helpful. It's still going to take a few weeks."
  • "Glad to be of service."
  • "No dinner this evening? Stephan has a new shipment of that Kansas beef."
  • "There was only one Lois."
  • "Lexcorp is supplying the equipment, but we're short on personnel."
  • "The chaos they create is useful."
  • "Just keep him busy!"
  • "What do you think, Cyborg? Like yours, only better."
  • "Stryker's is equipped with teleportation dampeners."
  • "The only way to access the Watchtower from Earth is the Hall of Justice."
  • "Nice work, gentlemen."
  • "I need Deathstroke."
  • "I've learned that Ferris Industries has prototype technology that may allow me to re-weaponize Batman's Kryptonite. I need you to bring it to me."
  • "No. He would have insisted on using the weapon himself. I need to do it."
  • "Batman is the face of the Insurgency. If he dies, it dies with him."
  • "Superman! Your time is over!"
  • "Seal appendage armor."
  • "Activate reactor core. Begin pre-flight check."
  • "Damage assessment."
  • "How long?"
  • "Damn."
  • "Unless you want Superman to succeed, step aside. Both of you."
  • "A deception. Created so I could aide the Insurgency."
  • "I don't think so."
  • "Do yourself a favor, Harleen...Stay away from him."
  • "Joker!"
  • "You'll thank me for this later, Harleen."
  • "Maybe Superman had the right idea about you..."
  • "Harleen, no."
  • "He knew exactly which buttons to push."
  • "It's not your fault. It's what he does."
  • "You've outgrown him."
  • "Take care of him. Keep him locked up this time."
  • "Green Lantern! Go help Wonder Woman."
  • "I'll handle these two! Go!"
  • "Your Nth-metal belt. Give it to me."
  • "I'm giving you a chance. End this without further bloodshed."
  • "You're done, Hawkgirl."
  • "Overmatched."
  • "Like I said. Overmatched."
  • "Shields!"
  • "Since the day Superman decided to herd us like sheep."
  • "We aren't his playthings..."
  • "And he's no god!"
  • "No good comes from hero worship."
  • "Status?"
  • "Again? What did I miss?"
  • "The Watchtower?"
  • "Casualties?"
  • "Well then. May fortune favor the foolish..."
  • "Superman! Your time is over!"
  • "I see him."
  • "Who...betrayed...whom?"
  • "Your peace...Your peace is a joke..."

In Battle

  • "Must I remind you of my superiority?" - Intro Quote
  • "Rudy, It's done. Call a meeting of the board. Project: Source. And arrange pickup for the suit. Needs a tuneup." - Outro Quote
  • "You're making me angry." - Occasionally after combos with any Character
  • "How average!" - Occasionally after combos with any Character
  • "Arrogant fool." - Occasionally after combos with any Character
  • "Time to ruffle your feathers." - Occasionally after combos with Hawkgirl
  • "Your finished, Kryptonian!" - Occasionally after combos with Superman
  • "Don't need superpowers." - (Insurgency) Occasionally after combos with (Regime) Superman


  • "This will enlighten you." - Clash with any Character
  • "You asked for this." - Clash with any Character
  • "Ignorant fool!" - Clash with any Character
  • "All brawn, no brains." - Clash with any Character
  • "I know, this is armor." - Clash with any Female Character
  • "No excuses from a villain." - Clash with any Villain
  • "Poor excuse for a criminal." - Clash with any villain character
  • "Children should be seen not heard." - Clash with Nightwing or Shazam

Defense Wagers

  • "I could use that belt." - Clash with Hawkgirl
  • "You look like a chicken." - Clash with Hawkgirl
  • "Laugh at this!" - Clash with The Joker
  • "Mind over muscle." - Clash with Superman
  • "I'm the hero this time." - (Insurgency) Clash with (Regime) Superman
  • "You haven't even begun to know..." - Clash with Wonder Woman
  • "I will end Superman's tyranny." - (Insurgency) Clash with (RegimeWonder Woman

Attack Wagers

  • "I'm more than that." - Clash with Hawkgirl
  • "You're not dying." - Clash with The Joker
  • "Your humor eludes me." - Clash with The Joker
  • "Your jokes are stale." - Clash with The Joker
  • "I only have to once." - Clash with Superman
  • "You forced my hand." - Clash with (Regime) Superman
  • "You betrayed mankind." - Clash with (Regime) Superman
  • "One of us will." - Clash with (Regime) Superman
  • "You ain't seen nothing yet." - Clash with Wonder Woman
  • "I'm always right." - Clash with Wonder Woman



Lex Luthor wears a large, green armored suit with purple accents. Under the suit, he wears a black bodysuit with green accents.


Lex's suit is now black with red accents. He now has a stylized "L" on his chest.


  • Lex is voiced by Mark Rolston, who previously portrayed the character in Young Justice.
  • Lex was the only character seen in the original teaser trailer to NOT be seen playable. He was confirmed over six months later alongside Bane in an excerpt from Gamer Magazine, and was the 14th character to be seen playable thanks to a versus trailer.
  • One of Lex's combos is named "Die Hard", referencing the resemblance Luthor shares with the actor Bruce Willis in this game.
  • Lex Luthor was also playable in NetherRealm's crossover game, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
  • Lex's biography in his Kryptonite Suit lists additional powers like Heat Vision and Cold breath. However, wearing the suit does not weaken Superman or access any new powers, due to gameplay mechanics.
  • Due to alternate Lex Luthor not being a criminal, it's unknown who alternate Superman's primary antagonist is.
  • If you play Zombie Mode, you will see Lex's zombie face yet it is not there during the victory cutscene.


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Injustice Gods Among Us Lex Luthor Trailer01:25

Injustice Gods Among Us Lex Luthor Trailer

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