Joker's Asylum
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Gotham County, USA


Batman #258
(October 1974)

Joker's Asylum is a Stage in Injustice: Gods Among Us. It is the One Earth version of the Arkham Asylum stage, taken over by the Joker Clan and altered by them in homage to their late master, the Joker


Cell Block

  • On the left side of the stage is where Poison Ivy's cell is, several Flowers are popping out of it and can be used to damage the opponent by Gadget Characters, or thrown by Power Characters. There is also a patient Stretcher and a T.V Monitor that can be thrown/exploded at the opponent.
  • On the center of the the stage, a Statue of The Joker is erected and can be used to damage the opponent.
  • At the right side of the the stage, another T.V. Monitor can be found and can be thrown/exploded at the opponent. Also on the right side of the stage, Mister Freeze's cell can be found which has a Pipe running through the side, this can be used to freeze the opponent.

Mess Hall

  • On the left side of the stage, you can find a grill which can be thrown, used to slam your opponent into or exploded at the opponent. Also, you can find a butchered Pig suspended on a meat hook which can be used to damage the opponent. 
  • Mid screen of the stage, a chandelier can be found and can be thrown by Power Characters, or can be used to zone with Gadget Characters. Also, on either side of the chandelier, two statues of faces suspended on pillars can be be found and used to damage the opponent.


  • Even though One Earth's Scarecrow was killed before the events of the game, he is still present in Joker's Asylum as a transition hazard.

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