Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three Issue 6 (Released December 24, 2014)

Chapter 11 : Raise The Demon

Batman and Constantine hold a meeting in the Tower of Fate with their allies about Madame Xanadu's prophecy.Batman recites the prophecy with Constantine interpreting it.He reveals the Green to be Swamp Thing and that the "souls will be lost" has already happened.When Catwoman asks who the Empress is,Detective Chimp joins them revealing to them it's Wonder Woman.When Constantine says it's good to see him awake,Chimp responds by saying they are going to have a long talk soon.According to his sources on Themyscira,her sleep is unnatural. When Chimp asks him,Constantine tells him it's his doing but she can be woken up due to the power of the Greek gods. Doctor Fate suddenly appears behind Constantine,shocking him.He informs everyone that the Spectre is going to meet the Phantom Stranger soon giving them a chance at Superman.Chimp suggests using the same method on Superman as Wonder Woman and Constantine suggests using Batman and a special kind of 'help' to do so.Meanwhile, Phantom Stranger meets Spectre and takes him to Saturn to talk him into leaving Superman's side saying beings such as them cannot take sides and must keep balance. When Phantom Stranger asks Spectre what his agenda is,Spectre simply states he knew he would have to deal with him eventually. He takes Phantom Stranger by the throat and takes him flying through Saturn.At the same time,at the Hall of Justice,Superman smells something strange as a voice starts saying it's the smell of brimstone. Etrigan appears before Superman,Yellow Lantern and Sinestro burning the latter.

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Chapter Twelve: Secret Weapon

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"Raise the Demon".

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