Chapter 9 : Dead Man

Superman interrogates Constantine about Raven's whereabouts which Constantine pretends not to know about.Superman is about to use his heat vision when Shazam asks him to stop.Sinestro agrees with Shazam saying this might be their only chance to find out about their missing allies.Superman apologizes to and thanks Shazam for saving him.The Spectre tells Superman that Constantine is trying to provoke him into killing him and that he is trying to protect someone. Superman asks Shazam to bring Constantine to the Hall of Justice.Mid-way to the Hall,Spectre reveals 'someone' is watching them whom he cannot see.The 'someone' is revealed to be Deadman who enters Shazam's body and after telling Constantine that Batman had him spying on him for a week and that he is going to try to talk to Jim Corrigan,releases him mid-air from where he is ported out by Zatanna back to the Tower of Fate. Deadman is surprised to see Billy Batson's consciousness inside Shazam saying he is used to being alone inside a mind.Shazam turns back to his human form when Spectre catches him.Spectre forces Deadman to come out who demands to talk to Jim Corrigan instead of Spectre .When Spectre doesn't say anything,Deadman realizes to his horror that he is not Jim Corrigan.He asks him who he is to which Spectre sneers in response.

  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three Chapter 10 (Released December 2, 2014)


Chapter Nine: Dead Man

Chapter Ten: Death of a Deadman

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"Dead Man Walking".


  • The Cover for this issue was solicited for the sixth issue of Year Three, instead of the fifth.

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