Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Gorilla City, our time has come. In a few short hours we break the yoke of oppression... forever!"
  • "No more Regime. No more Justice League. Today, the world welcome its new masters... the Society!"
  • "Today, we show the world that we are superior! Today, we bring anyone who would dare stand against us... to their knees!"
  • "You ignorant fool..."
  • "Hehehehe..."
  • "Humans. You've won this battle. But you've already lost the war."
  • "You summoned me, Brainiac?"
  • "Two Kryptonians?"
  • "The Society was disbanded. They thought Earth was theirs to rule, not yours to destroy."
  • "Earth can go to hell. I serve Brainiac."
  • "My bidding."
  • "Despite the power of his Scarab, the boy was easily manipulated. Now, Jaime -- kill them."
  • "Look at us. Three kings..."
  • "Be that as if may, I will be the only one who leaves this cave."
  • "Stupid... humans..."
  • "Against Brainiac? Hehe, I've seen his mind, left his power... He can't be stopped..."

Match Intro Dialogue

  • Earth's not your home, alien.
  • I'll suck the marrow from your bones.
  • As a minion, you were useless.
  • Whatever happened to Lana Lang?
  • Mans' extinction benefits us both.
  • If your not with me, your dead.
  • I am king of the jungle.
  • Part of you is still a man.
  • Away with you girl.
  • Solovar left Gorilla City to me.
  • It cannot be?!
  • Sinestro should've recruited me.

Clash Quotes

Defense Wagers

  • Apes are the superior species.
  • I'll add your bones to Solovar's.
  • I will eat your brains.
  • I'll not return to Stryker's.
  • One more dead human.

Attack Wagers

  • It's my birth write.
  • Assuming you survive.
  • Simpleton.
  • And lose the chance to kill you?

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