Dex-Starr appears as a cameo character in Injustice 2.


Born on Earth, the cat Dexter lived with his beloved owner, until the woman was killed by a thief. Living on the streets, he was beaten and sacked by a couple of thugs, who also tried to drown him. A Red Power Ring felt his rage and reached for him, making him a member of the Red Lanterns: renamed Dex-Starr, the cat incinerated the men who tried to kill him, then joined Atrocitus in his crusade against the rest of the emotional spectrum. Now, he lives to find and kill his owner's murderer.

Injustice 2

Dex-Starr appears floating at Atrocitus's side during his entering sequence. If summoned as aid during battle, he can attack the opponent with both red energy bolts and Rage Vomit.

Powers and abilities

  • Red Power Ring


Dex-Starr is a normal cat from Earth, with blue fur and yellow eyes.

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