Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Can they move any faster? I don't need Gorilla Grodd taking my head off cuz your boys are too slow."
  • "We're ready to move out."
  • "Just get the job done."
  • "Runnin' a little slow, Flash."
  • "Got no choice. Grodd put a nano explosive in my head. His paw's on the trigger."
  • "So whether I like it or not..."
  • "...I gotta do Grodd's dirty work."

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Any last words?" Darkseid, Joker, Leonardo, Raiden, Reverse Flash, Vixen
"Are you faster than a speeding bullet?" Bizarro, Supergirl
"Are you just gonna deflect the bullets?" Wonder Woman
"Baby Batman has all grown up." Robin
"Belching on deals is bad for business." Supergirl
"Bingo, Cheetah." Cheetah
"Black Adam..." Black Adam
"But there's only one me." Brainiac
"Can if he has a lot of bullets." Swamp Thing
"Can't train to be bulletproof." Blue Beetle
"Cats can be cruel." Cheetah
"Cold. You're not leavin' here alive." Captain Cold
"Dead or alive. Your choice." Jay Garrick
"Do what I said or bullets fly." Black Manta, Jay Garrick, Supergirl
"Don't like the thought but I admire the pun." Catwoman
"Don't take this personally." Batman, Enchantress, The Flash, Starfire
"Feeling lucky, boy scout?" Superman
"Folks here want their cities back." Brainiac
"Fine. I'll just butcher you." Bane
"Fire away." Deadshot, Mr. Freeze, Raphael, Red Hood
"Go ahead. Demonstrate." Atom, Donatello, Green Arrow, John Stewart, Leonardo, Supergirl
"Gonna purr for me?" Catwoman
"Good thing we're professionals." Batman
"Got a fever for some Deadshot?" Harley Quinn
"Grodd..." Gorilla Grodd
"Guess I could spare a bullet." Scarecrow
"Guess you're catching on." The Flash
"Guess you're super smug too." Supergirl
"Hands up, space cop." Green Lantern
"Heard I had an impostor." Deadshot
"Heard you died." Black Canary, Red Hood, Starfire
"Hello, robot." Cyborg
"Hola, amigo!" Bane
"Hold it, Superman." Superman
"Honor doesn't pay the bills." Wonder Woman
"How many arrows can you fire a minute?" Green Arrow
"I ain't falling for you, lady." Poison Ivy
"I got plenty of ammo." Doctor Fate, Green Lantern, Michelangelo
"I love my job." Black Canary, Supergirl
"I love the Green." Green Lantern
"I never thanked you for Boomerang." Cyborg
"I respect that." Cheetah, Green Arrow, Hellboy
"I'll make your queen a widow." Aquaman
"I'll miss your feistiness, Quinn." Harley Quinn
"I'll mount your head on my wall." Harley Quinn, Michelangelo
"I'll sell your organs and your spare parts." Cyborg
"I'll try anything once." Power Girl, Wonder Woman
"I'm aiming for center mass." Green Arrow
"I'm almost gonna feel bad." Atom, Bizarro, Enchantress, Robin, Starfire
"I'm killing two marks with one bullet." Firestorm
"I'm not taking requests." Darkseid, Supergirl
"I'm out for blood." Harley Quinn
"If you're lucky, they're also deaf." Black Adam
"It ain't so hard scaring people." Scarecrow
"It's an execution." Green Lantern
"Items for your estate sale." Atrocitus
"Joker..." Joker
"Just another day at the office." Black Canary, Enchantress
"Just fists, Bane? You nuts?" Bane
"Just makes you easier to hit." Atom, The Flash, Swamp Thing
"Know what they call an unwanted plant?" Poison Ivy
"Least you'll die a man." Robin
"Let me guess. I'm going back to jail." Batman, Donatello, Green Lantern
"Let's get this over with." Batman, Bizarro, Black Lightning, Donatello, Green Arrow, Grid, Joker, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Reverse Flash, Sub-Zero
"Let's keep this professional." The Flash, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman
"Let's kill you and see where that gets us." Black Manta, Brainiac
"Lookin' good, Selina." Catwoman
"Maybe I'll kill her next!" Aquaman
"Maybe I'm packing Kryptonite bullets." Supergirl, Superman
"Maybe someone can teach you to shut up." Gorilla Grodd
"More like big game huntin'!" Gorilla Grodd, Superman
"My client wants Stein out of your head." Firestorm
"Neither does El Diablo." Atrocitus
"Nice outfit. Looks expensive." Black Manta, Blue Beetle
"Not gonna enjoy shooting you." Supergirl
"Now I gotta know." Aquaman, Starfire
"Oh, there's a price." Blue Beetle
"One shot. One kill." The Flash
"Only one of us is the best shot." Atom, Deadshot
"Red Power ring, cat sidekick..." Atrocitus
"Run. Make it interesting." The Flash, Green Arrow, Reverse Flash
"Run along, little one." Atom, Robin
"Since I get a pile of it for killing you." Green Lantern
"Skip the monologue, Adam." Black Adam
"So, I didn't make your list?" Brainiac
"So we're completely identical?" Deadshot
"Sometimes you just have to be admired." Joker
"Sure won't be quietly." Batman
"Target sighted." Donatello, The Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman
"Thanks for nothing." Doctor Fate, Raiden
"That is so meta." Deadshot
"That's bad for business." Deadshot, Green Lantern
"That's what the nanobombs are for." Captain Cold
"That's why I've charged double." Batman, Firestorm, Joker, Red Hood
"The army didn't teach me to shoot." Cheetah, John Stewart
"The hero gig's not for amateurs." Black Lightning, Blue Beetle, Raphael, Supergirl
"The only dead miss around here is you." Harley Quinn
"Then I won't feel guilty killing you." Black Lightning, Cyborg
"Then you'll make a great organ donor." Deadshot
"This is gone too meta for me." Deadshot
"This job's special." Firestorm, Joker, Raphael
"Time to scramble those huevos." Bane
"Until they confirmed." Black Canary
"Waller wanted you back on the Squad." Captain Cold
"Well, baggin' you will be one helluva payday." Batman, Harley Quinn, Hellboy, Power Girl, Red Hood, Wonder Woman
"What do you want?" Black Lightning, Deadshot, Green Arrow, Mr. Freeze
"When the check cleared." Captain Cold
"When Waller's check cleared." Enchantress
"Who taught you to speak?" Bane, Gorilla Grodd
"Who's the better shot, Arrow?" Green Arrow
"Will your dead body float?" Aquaman
"Won't stop me from tryin'." Reverse Flash, Superman
"Y'know, we're both getting too old for this." Batman, Sub-Zero
"Yeah. A loaded gun." Scarecrow
"You a friend of Santana's?" Atrocitus
"You can disarm a grenade on my head?" Atom, Doctor Fate, Raiden
"You cut your own face off?" Joker
"You don't get trash talking, do you?" Harley Quinn
"You just committed suicide." Black Manta, Raiden, Vixen
"You will never mention her." Joker
"You're a big one, aren't you?" Bizarro, Darkseid, Hellboy, Swamp Thing
"You're all done playing God!" Black Adam, Superman
"You're next on my list." Grid, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Sub-Zero
"You're still gonna get whacked." Bane, Darkseid, Hellboy, Poison Ivy, Raphael
"You're up, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"'Cept I'm a better shot." Deadshot, John Stewart
"A job's a job." Doctor Fate, Reverse Flash, Superman
"A nanobomb'll do that to ya." Atom, Black Adam
"A really big one." Bane
"Afraid of a gun, Batman?" Batman
"Don't worry blue, I never miss." Superman
"English, please?" Bizarro, Doctor Fate
"Everyone has a price, even you." Black Canary, Supergirl
"Go ahead. Hit me with it." Atom, Deadshot, Reverse Flash
"Guess the other will really be a Deadshot." Deadshot
"Harder to kill when dying doesn't scare you." Bane
"Have a seat. It's just starting." Cyborg
"How could I forget the Squad?" Enchantress, Harley Quinn
"I ain't droppin' nothing." Firestorm
"I don't enjoy killin', Cheetah." Cheetah
"I don't get paid extra for creativity." Joker
"I don't think so." Blue Beetle, Michelangelo
"I fight for coins, not cause." Donatello, The Flash, Raiden
"I got nothing to live for." Black Adam, The Flash
"I have my admirers." Joker, Poison Ivy
"I never back off." Batman, Black Lightning, Firestorm, Michelangelo
"I was the best attack dog she had." Cyborg
"I won't feel guilty about this kill." Grid, Leonardo
"I'll switch to explosive rounds." Hellboy, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman
"I'm all done playing fetch." Gorilla Grodd
"I'm busy, looney bin." Harley Quinn
"I've only been convicted twice." Black Canary
"If I only managed to chuck that collar." Aquaman
"It's business, not personal." Atrocitus, Black Manta, Raiden, Raphael, Starfire
"Just doing your job for you." Deadshot
"Just gotta find the right caliber." Aquaman
"Killin' you drives up my asking price." Atrocitus, Hellboy, Power Girl, Sub-Zero, Superman
"More like successor." Deadshot
"My least favorite word." Green Arrow
"Not me, Scarecrow." Scarecrow
"Not once, not ever." Black Lightning, Brainiac
"Not really." Bizarro, Blue Beetle, Donatello, Red Hood, Vixen
"Put your hands up and surrender?" Atom, Robin
"Real assassins get paid." Wonder Woman
"Recovered, didn't cha?" The Flash
"S'what they call me." Joker
"So what?" Batman, Green Arrow
"Sorry. Assassin-client privilege." Batman, Green Lantern
"Sure makes living easy though." Wonder Woman
"Take your shot. Make it count." Darkseid, Harley Quinn, Leonardo, Mr. Freeze, Raphael, Red Hood
"That sounds about right." Cheetah, Joker, Sub-Zero
"That's what my shrink says." Jay Garrick, Robin
"The army didn't teach me to shoot." Cheetah, John Stewart
"The name's Deadshot." Green Arrow
"This'll be all pleasure." Catwoman
"Unless I want head blown off, yeah." Scarecrow
"Unless you pay, piss off!" Darkseid, Mr. Freeze, Superman
"Versus bedpan." Harley Quinn
"Watch how you talk to me!" Captain Cold
"What's to be afraid of?" Black Manta, Brainiac
"Where's the sport in that?" Gorilla Grodd
"Who wants to know?" Supergirl
"Why would I do that?" Supergirl
"Yeah, but it's in the car." Supergirl
"Yeah, I don't buy the Flower Power crap." Poison Ivy
"You brought a ring to a gun fight." Green Lantern
"You brought that to a gun fight?" Green Arrow
"You can't help me, Lenny." Captain Cold
"You got a nose in there?" Swamp Thing
"You made yourself an easy target." Enchantress, Starfire
"You're a criminal too, Selina." Catwoman

In Battle

  • "Easiest paycheck ever."
  • "New Harley, same crazy." - After winning a round against Harley Quinn


Defense Wagers

  • "Shots are getting closer."
  • "Am I gonna need trick bullets?"
  • "Got a bullet with your name on it."
  • "Learn how to fight playing video games?"
  • "You're a real doubter, man."
  • "Got you in my sight."
  • "You're tougher than I expected."
  • "Bullet to the brain ends this."
  • "Next time: try bullets."
  • "I'll shoot your eye out, kid." - Clash with young characters
  • "How about a kiss?" - Clash with female characters
  • "Do I need a bug zapper?" - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "I feel like I'm in clown school." - Clash with Harley Quinn or Joker
  • "Miss your retirement?" - Clash with The Flash

Attack Wagers

  • "Eat lead, sucker!"
  • "Go ahead, make my day."
  • "You stay dead this time."
  • "Friends are bad for business."
  • "Only cause you're cheating."
  • "Deadman don't get paid."
  • "Should've charged more."
  • "Thought I was bluffing?"
  • "Nah, I'll keep shooting."
  • "It only takes one."
  • "Actually, that might be cathartic."
  • "It depends on the question." - Clash with Batman
  • "Ain't the size of a ship, kid." - Clash with Blue Beetle
  • "So do you, master archer." - Clash with Green Arrow
  • "This ain't the Squad." - Clash with Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman
  • "Anyone who's ever met you." - Clash with Robin
  • "What? I need a sword?" - Clash with Wonder Woman