Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"All the more reason to slay you!" Doctor Fate, The Flash, Grid
"An oath you will not keep." Darkseid, Green Lantern, Mr. Freeze
"Another refugee from a lost world." Power Girl, Starfire
"As a Fury, you will not be so insolent." Black Canary, Vixen, Wonder Woman
"But the Omega effect will." Superman
"Challenge accepted." Brainiac, Red Hood, Superman
"Choice will not be involved." Black Manta, Supergirl
"Crawl on your knees and beg for my favor." Batman, Black Adam, Superman, Wonder Woman
"Darkseid does not need your charity." Green Arrow
"Even by Earth's standards you are pathetic." Green Arrow, Joker
"Fate, What a tragic prophet." Doctor Fate
"Finally, Your true nature is revealed." Vixen, Wonder Woman
"How about dutiful minion?" Robin
"I am challenged by a mere child?" Power Girl, Supergirl
"I exercise complete control." Doctor Fate, Scarecrow, Swamp Thing
"I will break you for Granny Goodness." Black Canary, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Vixen
"I will not aid your vengeance Thawne." Reverse-Flash
"Instead you have found doom." Power Girl
"It's beneath you serving Superman." Black Adam
"Mine is the fire that forges stars." Firestorm, Starfire
"My Omega beams will vaporize you." Black Lightning, Superman
"My Parademons arrive soon." Batman
"My torturer Desaad has an interest in you." Gorilla Grodd, Red Hood, Scarecrow
"Nine lives to torture!" Catwoman
"No Earth creature could possibly harm me." Raiden, Vixen
"Not to the Lord of Apokolips." Bane, Raiden
"On your knees fool!" Atrocitus, Doctor Fate, The Flash, Joker, Red Hood, Starfire
"Perhaps crushing you will refresh your recollection." Cyborg, Superman
"Pledge your life to me Hal Jordan." Green Lantern, John Stewart
"Prove you're worthy to join my Furies." Black Canary, Catwoman, Cheetah
"Serve me and rule galaxies." Black Adam, Supergirl
"Show me what else a Marine can do." John Stewart
"So it shall be done." Poison Ivy
"Submit Aquaman or die." Aquaman
"The old gods perhaps." Scarecrow, Wonder Woman
"Then I will grind your bones to dust." Atrocitus, Batman, Bizarro, Darkseid, Gorilla Grodd, Green Lantern, Superman, Swamp Thing
"Yet you foolishly obstruct me!" Wonder Woman
"There is no Rao, only Darkseid." Supergirl
"This is no way to please your master." Bane, Black Adam, Reverse-Flash, Robin
"This is not your world to protect." Jay Garrick, Starfire, Sub-Zero
"This is the word of Darkseid." Superman
"This war is over, boy." Blue Beetle
"Those without faith are condemned." Blue Beetle, Green Lantern
"To think otherwise sealed your fate." Sub-Zero
"Unlike you, the Omega does not miss." Deadshot
"We will harvest your blood for coolant." Captain Cold, Mr. Freeze
"Without power, knowledge is useless." Brainiac
"What primitive weapon is that?" Captain Cold, Wonder Woman
"Why defend a world that scorns you?" Bizarro
"You are Earth's last line of defense?" Black Lightning, Blue Beetle
"You cannot kill Darkseid with mere arrows." Green Arrow
"You collect when you should vanquish." Brainiac
"You will, Avatar." Swamp Thing
"You will beg for the sweet release of death." Aquaman, Black Lightning, Darkseid, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Sub-Zero
"You will die where you stand Earthling." Harley Quinn
"You will make the ultimate sacrifice." Green Lantern, Superman
"You've inherited his sanctimony." Bizarro, John Stewart
"Your lack of fear displays ignorance, not bravado." Black Lightning, Firestorm, Harley Quinn, Power Girl
"Your Lin Kuei cannot match my Parademons." Sub-Zero
"Your toothless serpents cannot stop me." Raiden
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"And what would that be, Batman?" Batman
"And why should that worry me?" Bane, Cyborg, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing
"Even the Corps will bow to Darkseid." Atrocitus, Green Lantern
"From the fiery depth of Apokolips." Brainiac, John Stewart, Supergirl
"Hate is the foundation of my empire." Atrocitus, Supergirl, Wonder Woman
"I am a god not a king." Black Adam, Blue Beetle
"I am lord of all I survey." Darkseid, Sub-Zero, Wonder Woman
"I hate all creatures, great and small." Bizarro, Starfire
"I imprisoned the Black Racer himself." Jay Garrick
"I need no instruction in warfare." Black Canary, Wonder Woman
"I'm a god you're a madman." Joker
"If it is battle you want you will have it." Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Raiden, Starfire, Supergirl, Superman
"It is my almighty Omega effect." Green Lantern
"It will be your demise, Cheetah." Cheetah
"Kalibak's death will be avenged." Green Lantern, Superman
"Let my Parademons deal with this." Harley Quinn
"Lies! I am the god of gods!" Doctor Fate, Raiden
"Not enough to best a god." Bane, Black Lightning, The Flash
"Past experiences have let your ill-prepared." Black Manta, Cheetah, Vixen
"Redemption comes hard for killers like you." Red Hood
"Shoot yourself and spare me the trouble." Deadshot, Red Hood
"The flame that will scorch this Earth." Captain Cold
"There are no errors in Darkseid's judgment." Brainiac, Green Arrow
"What are you saying worm?" Green Lantern, Reverse-Flash, Scarecrow
"Whatever I can't control, I must destroy." Power Girl, Red Hood, Superman
"You are a worm beneath notice." Bizarro, Gorilla Grodd, Green Arrow
"You are challenging a god fool." Batman, Deadshot
"You do not command me, Grandmaster." Sub-Zero
"You have never met one like Darkseid." Raiden, Red Hood
"You should have fled to the Speed Force." The Flash
"You will die for such insolence." Batman, Darkseid
"Your drought will not end today cur." Harley Quinn
"You're King of the Seas, I'm the God of Worlds." Aquaman

In Battle

  • "A pitiful display."
  • "Submit."
  • "This bores me."
  • "You waste my time."
  • "Obey your master."
  • "The Anti-Life Equation will be mine." - After winning a round
  • "Tremble at the might of Darkseid." - After winning a round
  • "Neither man nor god can stop me." - After winning a round


Defense Wagers

  • "Darkseid will control you."
  • "Why should Darkseid fear you?"
  • "Enjoy your last moment, worm."
  • "Darkseid is supreme."
  • "Pity you will die."
  • "Humanity will serve me."
  • "Darkseid laughs as you perish."
  • "If you won't kill me, you cannot win."
  • "Together we could crush Superman."
  • "Tap your tremendous power."
  • "There will be little of you to bury."
  • "Grow tired of war spectacle?"
  • "Apokolips's hellfire will melt you."
  • "We have met before..." - Clash with Raiden or Sub-Zero

Attack Wagers

  • "Darkseid will have victory."
  • "You will suffer, fool."
  • "Darkseid is no one's partner."
  • "You humor Darkseid."
  • "You cannot deny Darkseid."
  • "This feeble effort insults me."
  • "I grow tired of your prowl."
  • "This day marks your end."
  • "Yes, I am." - Clash with himself
  • "That false god was a weak fool." - Clash with Raiden
  • "Should I rip out your spine to prove it?" - Clash with Sub-Zero

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