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Darkseid as he appears in Injustice 2

Real Name:





8'9" ft.


1815 lbs (825 kg)






Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134
(December 1970)

Darkseid makes a cameo appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us as a stage transition. He is also the first playable character exclusive to the mobile game and originally a support card in Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile, and a playable pre-order bonus for Injustice 2.


Unto the hell that is Apokolips came Darkseid, malice personified, a merciless tyrant who demands unwavering devotion and abject fear from all his subjects. A being of unparalleled strength, he prefers not to sully his gloves with combat unless provoked to action. His eyes emit the formidable Omega Sanction, beams of energy that can disintegrate, teleport, or resurrect depending on the dread lord's wishes. His sole mission in life is to find and gain control over the Anti-Life Equation, which would give him the means to usurp all free will in the sentient universe.

Injustice Comic

Year One

Darkseid makes his first official appearance in Chapter Twenty-Two of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic on Apokolips. He is seen overseeing the torture of an unseen figure as his son Kalibak approaches him. Kalibak informs his father of Superman's worldwide ceasefire on Earth. Darkseid muses if Superman has begun to soften before Kalibak asks to take a war party to personally investigate. When Kalibak sees just who it is Darkseid is torturing, the lord of Apokolips confirms the man's identity before saying, "He made a mistake." When Kalibak asks if he can be killed, Darkseid chides his son, "Of course not. Who would come for him?"

He then allows Kalibak to go, bidding him to kill the Kryptonian and take the Earth. Darkseid grins to himself as he asks to be left alone with his prisoner: the Black Racer, death himself, as Darkseid resumes his torture.

In the Injustice Annual, Darkseid hires the bounty hunter Lobo to go to Earth and kill Superman in retaliation for the death of Kalibak at the Man of Steel's hands. However, Lobo returns some time later after a 'therapy' session with Harley Quinn, and brazenly challenges the Dread Lord to a battle.

Year Four

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Darkseid sits in his throne room, until any hero or villain is teleported to Apokolips from the Hall of Justice via a Boom Tube. He beats whoever appears and then hits him/her with his Omega Beams, which sends them flying back into the Boom Tube, teleporting him/her back to the Hall.

He also appears as a exclusive character in the mobile version of Injustice with his very own Moveset and Super Move.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, Stamina & Endurance
  • Invulnerability
  • Control of the Omega Force
  • Omega Beams
  • Omega Effect
  • Immortality
  • Genius level intellect


Move List

Special Moves:

  • Omega Blast
  • Fires of Apokolips
  • Dark Lord

Super Move

I Am Many Things: Darkseid grabs his opponent, transporting them to Apokolips in Darkseid's own palace. While the dread lord sits upon his throne, his enemy is strangled by a whiplash from Lashina, yanked back and into Big Barda who uppercuts them with her mace, knocking them through the roof and into the air above the palace, where Darkseid, growing to gigantic proportions, blasts them with his Omega Beams, returning himself and his opponent to the normal stage afterwards.

Injustice 2

From the Lines Are Redrawn trailer, Darkseid has been confirmed as a pre-order bonus for people who buy Injustice 2.



Darkseid wears a modified version of his costume seen in MK vs DCU, with a larger set of shoulder guards, armored navy blue gloves, blue shirt and a ridged kilt connected to his large metal belt over his stomach, long blue leg warmers up to his knees and metal ankle guards over them.


Darkseid dons a blue helmet and chest armor with a silver ridged stomach and an upside-down omega symbol engraved on his chest, his exposed arms revealing his rocky gray flesh, his hands however burn red and a silver metallic belt holds his kilt up. He wears blue and silver greaves on his feet, with the omega symbol once more engraved on the shin guards of his armor.


  • Although Darkseid is in the console versions of the game as a stage transition appearance, he does not wear the same costume in the Mobile version. Instead, he wears a completely different costume.
  • Darkseid is the only playable DC character from Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe to not reappear as a playable character in the console versions of Injustice: Gods Among Us, he is instead merely a stage transition.
  • To announce his reveal in the Injustice mobile (and later other devices) the Darkseid support card was renamed Anti-Life Equation.
  • The name of the Darkseid's supermove "I Am Many Things" is a reference to his quote in Superman: The Animated Series, "I am many things, Kal-El, but here...I am God."
    • It visually resembles both Ares and Martian Manhunter's supermoves, as both involve them teleporting their opponent and then attacking them in a giant form.
  • Bronze characters under the effect of Darkseid's passive will have purple smoke coming out of their eyes.
  • Darkseid's appearance in the Year Four comic is redrawn to strongly resemble Darkseid from the mobile game, and also uses a simplified version of his Super Move against Superman.


  • Darkseid as he appears in Injustice: Gods Among Us.
  • Darkseid Pre-Order DLC

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