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Story Mode

  • "Name's Cyborg, not Miracle Worker."
  • "It's the None of Your Damn Business Alarm."
  • "Pretty tough, aren't you."
  • "The Boss is bein' generous. I wouldn't be."
  • "Most of the Titans died in Metropolis five years ago."
  • "Doesn't matter. You're still on the wrong side of the law."
  • "So you're green again?"
  • "Definitely not ours."
  • "After we're done with Deathstroke, how 'bout the three of us go talk to the High Councillor."
  • "I'll show you second-rate..."
  • "Okay. Let's talk about the mess o' trouble you're in..."
  • "And how I'm gonna knock that head sideways."
  • "The energy signature from the park doesn't match anything in our database."
  • "Or if they went anywhere at all. Superman's right. It's too risky."
  • "With this."
  • "We got some work to do."
  • "Ready as we'll ever be. System's online...I'm linked up..."
  • "Flash, you ready?"
  • "Alright...Let's crank it up!"
  • "The platform should lock onto their signatures and pull them back."
  • "It's okay! I've got it!"
  • "Wonderful. Dunno whether to pat myself on the back or kick myself in the--"
  • "That's all I needed to hear."
  • "Pleasure's all mine, Slade." - After defeated Deathstroke
  • "Wish the other Titans could see this."
  • "It's the man, not the machine, Luthor."
  • "Wardrobe malfunction." - After defeated Lex Luthor
  • "Batman?"
  • "All right. What did I miss?"
  • "Alright. Let's rev up your transporter, fix the laser in our dimension."
  • "Then we'll have to be sneaky about it."
  • "The Watchtower's teleporter."
  • "But they only cover the building. Y'just have to get Batman outside."
  • "I'll take the teleporter. I'm the most qualified to work it...and...I can infiltrate their ranks."
  • "You and me? Working together? Not a chance."
  • "But you will follow my lead."
  • "Communications should be over there. Re-route 'em like we talked about, and I'll get the teleporter access codes."
  • "After you're done, make sure you-"
  • "Then stick to it."
  • "I downloaded your history. You've tried to kill this world's Titans."
  • "Then don't expect any warm fuzzies from me."
  • "Meet at the teleporter in fifteen."
  • "Not now..."
  • "Hey."
  • ""
  • "Sorry. Gotta cancel. New orders."
  • "Yeah...We've had some...wild times..."
  • "Well... I'm still turned on..." - After defeated Catwoman
  • "Cyborg to Wonder Woman. I've found a duplicate of me."
  • "Don't mind me. Just hacking your neural network."
  • "How 'bout I return the favor?"
  • "For real. Like men."
  • "Fine by me."
  • "Pummeled..." - After defeated himself
  • "Definitely not a good look for me."
  • "Another contract lost."
  • "I didn't think anything was personal with you."
  • "That's it! Got control of the Watchtower teleporter."
  • "When your Cyborg tried to hack my neural network, he exposed his security protocols."
  • "Where you goin'? The plan was to stay-"
  • "What did you do, Slade? The reactor's gone critical."
  • "Damn it! You've jeopardized the entire mission!"
  • "Batman! This is Cyborg! We have the Watchtower, but we've got a problem. The reactor's gonna blow!"
  • "It's a runaway. You have ninety minutes."
  • "I'll have to teleport everyone off..."
  • "Got my hands full, Luthor. What do you want?"
  • "Does Batman know about this?"
  • "Lex Luthor risking his life to save Batman... I wanna believe it..."
  • "Roger that. Hope it was worth it."
  • "Batman...You ready?"
  • "We're down to forty-five minutes."
  • "Damn!"
  • "I can't believe he'd do it. It's insane."

In Battle

  • "Boo-yah!" - After winning a round


  • "'Bout to get real up in here!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Time for your ass-whooping!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Gonna bust you up!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Here's a little something for ya!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Nice hair. Lose a bet?" - Clash with Lobo, Aquaman, Black Adam, Harley Quinn, (Regime) Killer Frost or Sinestro

Defense Wagers

  • "Shutting you down, Bats." - Clash with Batman
  • "This is a criminal act!" - (Regime) Clash with (Insurgency) Batman
  • "You're on the wrong side of this." - Clash with (Regime) Cyborg
  • "Playing for the wrong team." - (Regime) Clash with Cyborg
  • "Had enough?" - (Regime) Clash with Cyborg
  • "You won't win, Slade." - Clash with Deathstroke
  • "Know what's next, genius?" - Clash with (Insurgency) Deathstroke
  • "This isn't just practice, Dick." - Clash with Nightwing
  • "Think you can handle this?" - Clash with Nightwing
  • "Little man!" - Clash with (Regime) Nightwing
  • "Lights out, birdie." - Clash with Raven
  • "You're finished, witch." - (Regime) Clash with (Regime) Raven

Attack Wagers

  • "For the record, you're scary." - Clash with Batman
  • "Thanks for the tip, coach." - Clash with (Regime) Cyborg
  • "Ready for seconds." - Clash with (Regime) Cyborg
  • "Keep thinking that." - (Regime) Clash with Cyborg
  • "And you're pure scum." - Clash with Deathstroke
  • "You Deathstroke or death wish?" - Clash with Deathstroke
  • "Got you figured out." - Clash with (Insurgency) Deathstroke
  • "Ready, grandpa." - Clash with (Insurgency) Deathstroke
  • "I'm still warming up." - Clash with Nightwing
  • "Well, step on up." - Clash with (Regime) Nightwing
  • "I don't get it." - Clash with (Regime) Nightwing
  • "Too much Trigon for breakfast?" - Clash with Raven

Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Quit playing, kid."
  • "You even know how to use that?"
  • "QB? That was a long time ago."
  • "And I'm not your prisoner anymore."
  • "Okay, Clown Princess. Gloves off."
  • "Nobody's gonna miss you..." - After defeated Harley Quinn
  • "Your girlfriend's a real man-eater."
  • "To hell with this pity party."
  • "I'm gonna mow you down."
  • "I prefer women who aren't insane." - After defeated Poison Ivy
  • "Yeah, but--"
  • "Seriously? They're already dead."
  • "Brainiac collects the rest and discards the rest. Black Canary and Arrow? Definitely not the best."
  • "After you, please."
  • "Bogeys. And they're not bats..."
  • "I was never down with Superman recruiting criminals to the Regime. That was his call."
  • "The difference between us?" - After defeated Bane
  • "I'm still standing."
  • "About damn time."
  • "System's still running. Brother Eye need a clean power source... Something Brainiac can't touch."
  • "That should do it."
  • "Interesting thought, just one problem--I'm a team player. And humanity! That's my team."
  • "Apparently liberated from my good looks and charm, too."
  • "We need that backup power. Now." - When player chooses him
  • "So, uh, "Grid"... This mirror match as weird for you as it is for me?"
  • "Not so perfect, after all." - After defeated Grid
  • "Let's get this party started."
  • "Not trying to. Just teaching Brother Eye to ignore you."

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