Connor Lance-Queen is the son of Green Arrow and Black Canary from an alternate Earth.


Connor Lance-Queen is the son of Green Arrow and his wife Black Canary. Connor was conceived just before the death of his father at the hands of Superman. After his birth, Dinah left Connor in the care of Doctor Fate and Zatanna to defeat Superman. After Superman nearly killed Dinah, Doctor Fate healed her wounds and brought her and Connor to an alternate earth to live with an alternate version of Oliver Queen who had lost his wife, Dinah Lance, in the past.

Role in Injustice

On an alternate Earth, Green Arrow and Black Canary had a son, Connor. When Brainiac invaded that world as well, his drones tried to kill the three-years-old baby who, frightened, first manifested his destructive metahuman abilities, destroying them all. Now, the entire Justice League is giving the parents a hand to raise the powerful baby.

Powers and abilities

In this alternate Earth, he develops metahuman powers similar to his mother's Canary Cry and is shown to be skilled in archery like his father


  • In the comics, Connor is known as Connor Hawke, the illegitimate son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke. Growing up in search for his father, Connor found himself raised by warrior monks who taught him archery and martial arts; making him an incredibly skilled warrior who takes up the Green Arrow mantle after Oliver's death.

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