Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Better not turn that hate on us, or this "Society" is over."
  • "We already lost a shipment at Slaughter Swamp. Hope your silent partner can still deliver."
  • "Nice aim, Deadshot."
  • "That knee ain't healing super-fast at absolute zero."
  • "Yeah, crazy day. Kinda like when Superman went nuts, and you went right along with him."
  • "The same "innocent" people who cheered Superman when he executed my friends? My sister?!"
  • "Once upon a time, I was..."
  • "Your heart so cold, Wonder Woman. Let's put you on ice."
  • "Nice rope-a-dope."
  • "You're not so pure, Amazon. You--you "executed" Golden Glider."
  • "She was my sister!"

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"And out of his mind." Batman
"Anything you could steal, I could steal." Catwoman
"Back off, dragon breath." Atrocitus, Raiden
"Back off, Harley." Harley Quinn
"Barry knows his BFF is back?" Green Lantern, Reverse-Flash
"Because I'd be busy with an armored truck." Catwoman
"Beetle..." Blue Beetle
"Bet you'll get a schoolyard beatdown." Brainiac
"Bet your mama's real proud." Bane, Green Lantern, John Stewart
"But killing you will make me feel better." Enchantress, Wonder Woman
"But somehow, he's still running around." Gorilla Grodd
"But you won't, Swamp Thing." Swamp Thing
"Captain Tropical doesn't roll off the tongue." Green Arrow
"Can't believe Supes took you on." Bane
"Can't wait to hear those teeth chatter." Atrocitus, Bizarro, Sub-Zero, Vixen
"Come on, Dead-Ass." Deadshot
"Cologne's a little strong, Grodd." Gorilla Grodd
"Doctor..." Doctor Fate
"Don't kill the messenger, lady." Cheetah, Starfire
"Don't want to hear nothing from you." Aquaman, Mr. Freeze
"Finally, a shot at the big guy." Darkseid, Superman
"Fire and ice." Firestorm, Starfire
"Flash trapped in big freeze." The Flash
"Flower power?" Poison Ivy
"Frost warning." Poison Ivy, Power Girl
"Got a soft spot for the classics." Firestorm, Green Arrow
"Have to stop meeting like this." The Flash
"Hear you like dangerous men." Catwoman
"He'll be the last one." Green Lantern
"Honestly, more like too creepy." Scarecrow
"How 'bout I freeze your head?" Black Manta, Deadshot, John Stewart, Mr. Freeze, Power Girl
"How's your hammer hanging?" Harley Quinn
"I don't wanna fight you, kid." Red Hood, Supergirl
"I hate bugs." Atom, Blue Beetle
"I like what I'm seeing." Captain Cold, Enchantress, Green Arrow, Starfire, Wonder Woman
"If anyone's sick, precious, it's you." Harley Quinn
"I'll put you on ice." Green Lantern, Sub-Zero
"I'm a damn good thief." Black Canary
"I'm practical, sweetheart." Catwoman
"I'm gonna kill you, Flash!" The Flash
"I'm pretty funny too, ya know." Green Arrow, Joker
"I've been thinking about you lately." Black Canary, Enchantress
"Just need a priest and we can walk into a bar." Doctor Fate
"Just one, but it's the right gun." Cheetah
"Just proves you're a toady." Bane
"Just the chance to freeze your ass." Superman
"Just try it, cyberpunk." Cyborg
"Just who the hell are you?" Captain Cold
"Killed your first man at six." Bane
"Missing out, Canary." Black Canary
"Move, Arrow and I'll blast ya." Green Arrow
"My heart's not always frozen." Captain Cold, Power Girl
"No, that's soap." Gorilla Grodd
"Nobody pulls off a cape." Superman
"Now you're calling me a liar?" Wonder Woman
"Of course you're not to blame." Black Adam
"Oh, I'm all done talking." Deadshot
"Most kids only have one dad to disappoint." Robin
"People are lying to you, sweetheart." Supergirl
"Playing the hero, Damian?" Robin
"Scarecrow..." Scarecrow
"Scarlet Speedster..." The Flash
"So much for peace and love." Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman
"So Superman's your new daddy?" Robin
"Somebody call animal control?" Cheetah
"Start with the arms or the legs?" Cyborg
"Still wearing the mask?" Batman
"Still, you gotta go." Captain Cold
"Takes more than a hood and a cold gun." Captain Cold
"Tell me you remember Golden Glider." Cyborg
"Tell that to the Rogues." The Flash
"That brain work at absolute zero?" Bizarro, Brainiac
"That's a new one." Aquaman, Raiden, Sub-Zero
"That's how I feel about your friggin' plants." Swamp Thing
"The Bats out of his cave." Batman
"The Joker..." Joker
"The Regime changed that." The Flash
"The Rogues never liked you." Bizarro, Black Manta, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow
"The Scarlet Speedster..." The Flash
"Then you know why I'm here." Cyborg
"There's a new ice age coming." Batman, Swamp Thing, Vixen
"They go with the theme, kid." Blue Beetle
"This gun's gonna solve that." Joker
"This won't last long." Black Lightning, Firestorm
"Time to put that fire out." Darkseid, Firestorm, Starfire
"Too bad you're wearing that "S"." Supergirl
"Ugh! TMI!" The Flash
"Uh-uh. You don't get off that easy." Black Manta, Green Lantern, Supergirl
"Well, that changes everything." Atom, Blue Beetle, Mr. Freeze, Sub-Zero, Supergirl
"What'cha know about daddy?" Captain Cold
"Who the hell are you?" Atom, Darkseid, Grid, Hellboy, John Stewart, Raiden, Sub-Zero
"Whose name is Bruce." Batman
"Why didn't you save my sister?" Doctor Fate
"Wish I could fly, Adam." Black Adam
"With a silver spoon in your mouth." Green Arrow
"Wrong answer, Fate." Doctor Fate
"Yeah sucka, I'm Captain Cold." Captain Cold
"You cape types frost my hide." Superman
"You didn't answer my question." Brainiac
"You didn't fight the Regime." Swamp Thing
"You don't have to be a jerk about it." Batman, Black Adam, Reverse-Flash
"You got one messed up family, kid." Robin
"You got a problem with me?" Batman, Jay Garrick, Red Hood, Reverse-Flash, Vixen
"You killed the Rogues!" Black Adam
"You know, cheetahs are endangered." Cheetah
"You know, together we can kill Flash." Gorilla Grodd
"You might need a sweater." Atrocitus
"You remind me of my sister." Power Girl, Supergirl
"You think you're colder than me?!" Captain Cold, Sub-Zero
"You try to be friendly." Enchantress, Harley Quinn, Hellboy, Red Hood, Reverse-Flash, Vixen
"You're a bully, plain and simple." Brainiac
"You're going on ice." Batman, Bizarro, Darkseid, Green Arrow, Jay Garrick, Joker, Scarecrow
"You're messing with the wrong Rogue." Black Lightning, Grid, Hellboy, Red Hood
"You're several cards short of a deck." Joker
"You're still getting squished." Blue Beetle
"You're still Regime to me." Green Lantern
"You've always had it out for me." Wonder Woman
"Your head still wired to a detonator?" Deadshot
"Your Regime was a nightmare." Wonder Woman
"Yours won't conceal the bruises." Atrocitus
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"And I'm the baddest of them all." Green Arrow, Sub-Zero
"Are those tears, Flash?" The Flash, Jay Garrick
"Ask nicely." Bane, Black Lightning, Red Hood
"Batman died when Supes unmasked you." Batman
"Bet they won't work frozen." Robin
"Can't help it. I'm friendly." Gorilla Grodd
"Cry me a river." Bizarro, Black Canary, Mr. Freeze, Raiden
"Don't give me your sob story!" Enchantress, Green Arrow, Power Girl, Superman, Vixen
"Don't you talk about my family!" Doctor Fate
"For the right kind of people." Wonder Woman
"From suit to nuts." Cyborg
"Guess I should up and die, then?" Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd
"Hate is cold, Hell is colder." Captain Cold
"Heard you two are on the outs." Cyborg
"How will I be able to tell?" Robin
"I didn't pick the name." Green Lantern
"I don't have much use for people." Black Adam
"I got your permit right here." Superman
"I know, Barry." The Flash
"I ain't falling in love with you, kitty." Catwoman
"I prefer to flirt with it." Scarecrow, Starfire
"I take what's mine and I don't apologize." Aquaman, The Flash, Grid
"I wasn't gonna die for that idiot." Cheetah
"I'll freeze you to the core." Bizarro, Firestorm
"Isn't that precious?" Starfire, Supergirl
"It takes a heart of ice." Captain Cold
"It's not a toy, Clown." Joker
"Jeez, how new are you, kid?" Atom, Blue Beetle
"Just enjoying your outfit." Poison Ivy, Power Girl, Wonder Woman
"Killed by association, Fish King." Aquaman
"Like I take orders from her." Deadshot
"Not much of a cat person." Catwoman
"Not since I grew up." Scarecrow
"Nothing runs when it's that cold." Blue Beetle
"Or what?" Batman, Black Canary, Superman
"Right back 'atcha." Captain Cold, Darkseid, Red Hood
"Spare me the bleeding heart appeals." Black Lightning, Sub-Zero, Swamp Thing
"That's cold blooded." Atrocitus
"That's right. Got a problem?" Brainiac, Hellboy
"The Flash couldn't catch me." Batman
"Then I'll just punch you in the face." Brainiac, Jay Garrick, John Stewart, Raiden
"This gun can stop The Flash." Batman, Darkseid, Enchantress, Hellboy, John Stewart, Joker
"This one blasts cold energy." Firestorm, Joker
"To you, it's Mr. Snart." Harley Quinn, Reverse-Flash, Supergirl
"Too late. My heart's frozen." The Flash
"Trust me. The gun's colder." Green Arrow, Green Lantern
"We're a little attached, princess." Wonder Woman
"When did I get on your bad side?" Deadshot
"When he was around, he beat you bad." Captain Cold
"Whitman? Seriously?" Joker
"Yeah, my trigger finger." Doctor Fate
"You ain't the law anymore, Supes." Superman
"You could learn from the Rogues' code." Black Adam, Black Manta
"You have no idea." Atrocitus
"You look like a cheerleader." Supergirl
"You want to be a popsicle?" Atom
"You're a riot, Quinn." Harley Quinn

In Battle

  • "Any last requests?"
  • "This is war!"
  • "Feel the cold!"
  • "You order some ice?"
  • "Careful, you'll catch cold." - After winning a round
  • "You won't make it back to Central City." - to The Flash after winning a round


Defense Wagers

  • "Suck ice, scumbag."
  • "I'll freeze your face off."
  • "I might've underestimated you."
  • "Here comes the cold one."
  • "Getting cold feet?"
  • "Quit screwing around!"
  • "Hand over your vulnerable."
  • "This is for the Rogues."
  • "What happened to honor?"
  • "Let's say we cut a deal."
  • "Got enough anger for both of us."
  • "I'm icing your fire."
  • "Should've joined the Rogues."
  • "Freeze, buckethead."
  • "My old man hit harder than you."
  • "You let Lisa die!" - Clash with himself or Superman
  • "No one's scared of the Bat now." - Clash with Batman
  • "Your wife's a hottie." - Clash with Black Adam or Green Arrow
  • "For Heat Wave and my sister!" - Clash with Black Adam or Wonder Woman
  • "This ain't no video game, kid." - Clash with Blue Beetle or Cyborg
  • "The Regime reprogrammed you." - Clash with Cyborg
  • "Beat it, kid." - Clash with Firestorm or Robin
  • "You'll pay, Flash." - Clash with The Flash
  • "Got yourself a fine woman." - Clash with Green Arrow
  • "No way you're a good guy." - Clash with Harley Quinn
  • "Plants die in the cold." - Clash with Poison Ivy or Swamp Thing
  • "You know, the two of us could--" - Clash with female characters
  • "Had enough, sweetheart?" - Clash with female characters

Attack Wagers

  • "Hell will freeze over first."
  • "The feeling's mutual."
  • "Here comes the blizzard of pain!"
  • "Only in your dreams."
  • "Not what my bank account says."
  • "Coldfront, coming through!"
  • "That makes one of us."
  • "I don't answer to you."
  • "You're on thin ice."
  • "Said the guy's about to be frozen."
  • "At least I have my own identity."
  • "All I want is revenge."
  • "Guess I'll die trying then."
  • "Only ice in these veins."
  • "You're overcompensating."
  • "Not until you're dead."
  • "Venom doesn't work at absolute zero." - Clash with Bane
  • "I ain't looking for a sensei." - Clash with Brainiac or Sub-Zero
  • "She was looking at me." - Clash with Green Arrow
  • "Not to me, you didn't." - Clash with Green Lantern
  • "Try asking Mr. Freeze." - Clash with Harley Quinn or Robin