Year One

With Superman's parents having been kidnapped by Mirror Master, the Justice League begins a large manhunt for the Rouge and start their search in Central City with several League members fighting various Flash Rouges.

Captain Cold is confronted by the Flash in Central City, with the Flash dodging blasts of ice from his cold guns and demanding Mirror Master's location. When the Flash shoves Cold's guns against his shoulder and legs in midblast, freezing him in place, Cold hastily relents. He reveals the location of a villains bar called World's End in Keystone City where Mirror Master should be at.

As Flash leaves, Cold asks him to "Do what you have to with Mirror Master but go easy on the rest of 'em, yeah? Heroes weren't the only ones lost in Metropolis, you know?"

Year Four

At some point in the years of Superman's conflict with Batman, Cold was captured and imprisoned in The Trench, an underwater prison located at Challenger Deep. Like the other prisoners, he is able to escape when Plastic Man arrives to free his son. Musing at the use of Mirror Master's belt, he leaves back to his own time.

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