Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Guarding Superman and his cronies."
  • "I'd rather be in here than out there. This suit's an alien war machine."
  • "And you guys' Firestorm matrix? We could take on Brainiac and boom--accidentally blow up the world."
  • "So we're the only thing between crisis and apocalypse?"
  • "Brainiac?"
  • "Guess we're on the front lines now." - When player chooses him
  • "Maybe I really am a bad-ass..." - After defeating Black Adam
  • "If your papi's weak, what does that make you?"
  • "I'll teach this mocoso a lesson." - When player chooses him
  • "Hope I never have a kid like you."
  • "You should respect your familia." - After defeating Nightwing
  • "Ella esta sobre tu nivel..."
  • "Kryptonians happened!"
  • "I think I got this." - When player chooses him
  • "Sweet arm cannon. I got too."
  • "If you ever want tips, let me know." - After defeating Cyborg
  • "Let's switch partners..." - When player chooses him
  • "No. But I know what Superman can do..."
  • "Guess you belong here too." - After defeating Supergirl
  • "Out cold. We won't be seeing her for a while..."
  • "Guey, you took down a Kryptonian!"
  • "Jesucristo, Jason! You're gonna nuke us!?"
  • "What the...?!"
  • "The Scarab's hard to kill."
  • "Batman told me you guys needed a hand. Consider me your sidekick."
  • "This armor is wasted on a child. When we're finished, I'll tear the Scarab from his body..." - When player chooses Aquaman
  • "And make it's power my own!"
  • "So many ways to kill you..." - When player chooses Black Adam

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Alright, I warned you." Batman, Firestorm, John Stewart, Red Hood
"Alright, man. Your funeral." Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Grid, Superman
"Batman's gonna kill me." Catwoman
"Come on! I'm freakin' 18!" Wonder Woman
"Didn't stop you with Shazam." Superman
"Don't be picking a fight with a Scarab." Batman, Bizarro, Wonder Woman
"Good. Wasn't on my calendar." Doctor Fate
"Good thing for you is housebroken." Aquaman, Green Arrow, Joker, Superman
"Got a cell waiting with your name on it." Aquaman, Superman
"Gotta have dreams, don't I?" Black Canary
"Gotta say... it's weird of you being a good guy." Harley Quinn, Sub-Zero
"Hal Jordan? No way!" Green Lantern
"I am hopelessly confused." Bizarro, Catwoman, Darkseid
"I can live with that." Batman, Jay Garrick, Poison Ivy
"I know. But it's like... Batman's orders." Poison Ivy
"I like to make it interesting." Brainiac, Wonder Woman
"Is this really necessary?" Catwoman, Harley Quinn
"I'll take that as a "no"." Atrocitus, Black Manta
"It's powerful. I'll give you that." Swamp Thing
"Just my luck. Freak of nature." Gorilla Grodd, Harley Quinn
"Just saying. The armor knows how to kill you." Aquaman, Green Arrow, Superman
"Lady, I was a big fan." Wonder Woman
"Maybe give that rage a siesta?" Atrocitus
"Mind if we get a picture after?" The Flash, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Supergirl, Vixen
"Nice cosplay." Blue Beetle, Sub-Zero, Supergirl
"Not cool, man!" Aquaman, The Flash
"Right there, you just prove its point." Darkseid
"Slowing down, old timer?" The Flash, Green Arrow
"Sorry in advance for blasting you." Firestorm, Starfire
"Sorry, Miss Ivy. I have to fight you." Poison Ivy
"Still think I'm a naive boy?" Black Adam, Power Girl
"Thanks. I guess." Cheetah, Green Arrow, Mr. Freeze
"The Justice League... featuring Blue Beetle!" Black Canary
"There's the reason he trusts me." Batman, Black Manta
"Well hello, beautiful." Poison Ivy
"Who? The Sheriff of Nottingham?" Green Arrow
"Yeah. Till you're all Regime and stuff." Wonder Woman
"You got denial bad, bro!" Red Hood, Reverse-Flash, Robin
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"But I've been practicing." Deadshot, Sub-Zero
"I don't work for the Reach." Atrocitus, Supergirl
"I'm good where I am. Thanks." Poison Ivy
"I'm so gonna regret this." Bizarro, Black Canary, Harley Quinn
"Just me and my alien war machine."
"Really? That's all you got?" Green Arrow, Superman
"Wait. You're in the Birds of Prey?" Black Canary
"Whatever it is, I don't want it." Poison Ivy
"You haven't beaten me." Brainiac
"You really think so?"
"Your head's a knockoff." Blue Beetle

In Battle

  • "Sorry, boss."

Clash Quotes

Defense Wagers

  • "You're slipping, brah!"
  • "I'm so gonna beat you."

Attack Wagers

  • "Focus, Jaime."
  • "Nah. Scarab's got this."
  • "I am so blogging about this."
  • "That's messed up, brah."
  • "Scarab says no."
  • "It's never good enough, is it?"
  • "Ugh, I rather do this."
  • "Thanks for the advice."
  • "He does? He really does?!" - Clash with The Flash
  • "I thought you were an herbivore." - Clash with Gorilla Grodd
  • "You first, big guy!" - Clash with Swamp Thing

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