Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • Guarding Superman and his cronies.
  • "I'd rather be in here than out there. This suit's an alien war machine."
  • "And you guys' Firestorm matrix? We could take on Brainiac and boom--accidentally blow up the world."
  • "So we're the only thing between crisis and apocalypse?"
  • "Brainiac?"
  • "Guess we're on the front lines now." - When player chooses him
  • "Maybe I really am a bad-ass..." - After defeating Black Adam
  • "If your papi's weak, what does that make you?"
  • "I'll teach this mocoso a lesson." - When player chooses him
  • "Hope I never have a kid like you."
  • "You should respect your familia." - After defeating Nightwing
  • "I think I got this." - When player chooses him
  • "Sweet arm cannon. I got too."
  • "If you ever want tips, let me know." - After defeating Cyborg
  • "Let's switch partners..." - When player chooses him
  • "No. But I know what Superman can do..."
  • "Guess you belong here too." - After defeating Supergirl
  • "Out cold. We won't be seeing her for a while..."
  • "Guey, you took down a Kryptonian!"
  • "Jesucristo, Jason! You're gonna nuke us!?"
  • "What the...?!"
  • "The Scarab's hard to kill."
  • "Batman told me you guys needed a hand. Consider me your sidekick."
  • "This armor is wasted on a child. When we're finished, I'll tear the Scarab from his body..." - When player chooses Aquaman
  • "...And make it's power my own!"
  • "So many ways to kill you..." - When player chooses Black Adam

Clash Quotes

Defense Wagers

  • "You're slipping, brah!"

Attack Wagers

  • "Focus, Jaime."

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