Year One

Though not seen, Adam reveals an ordnance shell was launched at Kahndaq, killing several people, including children, prompting Black Adam to respond with extreme force. He attacks the neighboring country from which it was fired, leveling an entire city to the ground. When the Justice League responds to the attack, Black Adam defeats Green Lantern, knocking him unconscious, and then subdues Superman briefly before he attacks Cyborg, ripping off his left arm and then knocking him down with a single punch.

Adam taunts Cyborg by saying, "You should not have stood in the way of my retribution, half-man." However, this leaves him open long enough for Wonder Woman to drop kick him on the back and this allows Superman to kick him in the jaw with enough force to make him bleed. Black Adam is then pinned down by both Wonder Woman and Superman. Though he struggles, he cannot break free and Shazam arrives to inform him he's done.

Black Adam however begins roaring, "I am not done. Someone in this city fired a shell into my country. They killed children of Kahndaq. I am Kahndaq's leader, it's protector and it's wrath. My country will suffer no such attack without vengeance, so long as I have power."

Wonder Woman then declares they will remove his power, and after having Shazam take her place in holding him down, wraps her Lasso of Truth around Adam's neck. She tells him he cannot lie as long as the Lasso touches him. Shazam is very hesitant about her plan, and when Wonder Woman allows him to ask if he will stop, Adam replies in earnest truth, "I will kill without mercy. I will slaughter anyone who would threaten Kahndaq. I will tear whole countries apart!"

Understanding full and well the League's current course of actions, Black Adam goes on to say, "And know that you are no different from me. You are choosing the same path. Your end will be the same. You will rule. You will bring about peace. But they will fear you."

Having heard enough, Wonder Woman prepares to ask Black Adam a question. Before she does, Black Adam pleads with Billy to protect Kahndaq in his absence. Before he can get an answer, Wonder Woman asks him what his magic word is. With no other choice because of the Lasso of Truth, Black Adam cries out, "SHAZAM!" and in a bolt of magical lightning is reduced to ancient mortal form. He tries to gasp out the magic word again but his mouth is covered by Wonder Woman's hand before he can.

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