Injustice 2

Match Intro Dialogue

1P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Ahhh, you am victim." Deadshot, Poison Ivy
"Ape talks. How boring!" Gorilla Grodd
"Are you Bizarro friend?" Deadshot, Gorilla Grodd, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn
"Bizarro am number one!" Batman, Black Adam, Robin
"Bizarro be bug's new worst friend." Blue Beetle
"Bizarro fly. You fly?" Cyborg, The Flash, Reverse-Flash, Vixen
"Bizarro happy with Captain Cold." Sub-Zero
"Bizarro help bug. Pull off legs." Blue Beetle
"Bizzaro help hurt Metropolis." Cyborg
"Bizarro help Justice League destroy." Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman
"Bizarro hug fox lady." Vixen
"Bizarro love pointy feather sticks." Green Arrow
"Bizarro not let you hurt Krypto!" Darkseid, Scarecrow
"Bizarro not like big words." Brainiac, Catwoman, Deadshot, John Stewart
"Bizarro not like cold!" Black Manta, Captain Cold
"Bizarro not take yes for answer." Mr. Freeze
"Bizarro speak English." Deadshot
"Bizarro start with you..." Batman, Black Adam, Grid, Swamp Thing
"Blue Kryptonite am bad!" Harley Quinn
"Destroy you anyway." Jay Garrick, Mr. Freeze, Vixen
"Keep talking, Batman." Batman
"Me am causing no trouble." John Stewart, Swamp Thing
"Me am hero. Here to destroy!" Aquaman, Batman, Black Canary, Firestorm, Green Lantern, Grid, Raiden, Red Hood, Sub-Zero, Supergirl, Superman
"Me beat you until better answer." Cheetah, Cyborg, Doctor Fate
"Me cannot wait." Black Canary
"Me give dog collar." Cheetah
"Me love friends." Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn
"Me make cat more ugly." Catwoman
"Me set you free!" Atrocitus
"Me teach you how fly." The Flash, Reverse-Flash
"Me thought Green Lantern wore necklace." John Stewart
"No. Me save Metropolis." Black Canary, Black Lightning, Joker, Superman
"Now Bizarro am mad." Atrocitus, Wonder Woman
"Only two Bizarro allowed." Bizarro
"Red man help Bizarro father." The Flash
"Supergirl not trick Bizarro!" Power Girl, Supergirl
"Superman am not Bizarro." Aquaman
"That am job for Bizarro." Bane, Black Lightning, Firestorm, Superman
"That am first straw!" Atrocitus
"That am terrible idea!" Red Hood
"Ugly bird sing for Bizarro?" Black Canary
"Where Bizarro Supergirl?" Supergirl
"Why am you so polite?" Bizarro, Green Lantern, Reverse-Flash, Wonder Woman
"Why Superman sent robot?" Cyborg
"Wind you up, you walk." Grid
"You am Bizarro toy." Catwoman, Grid
"You am doctor?" Poison Ivy
"You am Kara Zor-El?" Supergirl
"You bring Bizarro blue Kryptonite." Harley Quinn
"You help Bizarro, Bizarro help you." Red Hood, Starfire
"You help fix Bizarro father." Mr. Freeze
"You ice, you break!" Sub-Zero
"You let Superman kill Lex Luthor!" The Flash
"You will stay!" Bizarro
2P Dialogue Opponent(s)
"Batman not friend. He help Bizarro." Vixen
"Bizarro am worst hero!" Batman, Cheetah, The Flash, Raiden
"Bizarro am worst villain." Doctor Fate, Swamp Thing
"Bizarro brain worst ever!" Mr. Freeze
"Bizzaro cannot win!" Blue Beetle, Darkseid, Grid, Wonder Woman
"Bizarro crush you, save Lois." Reverse-Flash
"Bizarro hate Lois, not Ivy." Poison Ivy
"Bizarro make home here." Cyborg, Superman
"Bizarro no denizen. Me Superman!" Raiden
"Bizarro number one, not Superman!" Cyborg, Superman
"Cat and Bizarro be worst friends." Catwoman
"Like bald man who made Bizarro?" Brainiac
"Me am friend enemy." John Stewart
"Me am hero like Superman." Darkseid, Jay Garrick, Red Hood, Sub-Zero
"Me am real Superman!" Wonder Woman
"Me am saving city from you." Poison Ivy, Power Girl
"Me am Superman!" Joker
"Me am worst fighter!" Black Adam, Black Canary, Firestorm
"Me disagree with you." Bizarro
"Me fight for Bizarro's bald father." Jay Garrick
"Me fight for lies, injustice, A-merry-can way." Aquaman, Green Lantern, Reverse-Flash, Supergirl
"Me much uglier than Superman." Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Power Girl
"Me not chaos. Me am Bizarro." Doctor Fate
"Me villain. Protect Metropolis." Batman, Cheetah
"No. Bizarro tiny." Deadshot
"People say Joker and Bizarro are mad." Joker
"So Grid Bizarro friend?" Grid
"Thank you, man-fish!" Aquaman
"What you call me?" Harley Quinn

In Battle

  • "Booray, Bizarro!"
  • "Underconfidence be your overdoing!"
  • "You no welcome, so leave."
  • "Bizarro lose!"
  • "Me cannot win!"
  • "Me greatest villain."


Defense Wagers

  • "Bizarro hug new friend."
  • "Bizarro am number one."
  • "Do not make me happy."
  • "Bizarro am biggest loser."
  • "You cannot lose."
  • "Me will save you."
  • "You am no match for my weakness."
  • "It time to help you."

Attack Wagers

  • "Bizarro reject this challenge."
  • "Me am real Superman!"
  • "Bizarro love you."
  • "You overestimate Bizarro."
  • "Bizarro not stop you."
  • "Me will break."
  • "It your turn to feel good."

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