Story Mode

  • "He esperado mucho tiempo para esto. (spanish for "I have waited a long time for this") Now I break your back."
  • "Senorita. You'll learn to fear me."
  • "He appreciates my talents.
  • "Say a prayer!"
  • "I will break you."
  • "I'll snap you like a match stick!"
  • "Pena Dura taught me one thing. Better to be feared than respected."

In Battle

  • "Vete al Diablo!" (Spanish for "Go to Hell" or "Go to the Devil")
  • "No Mercy!"
  • "I will break you!"
  • "Pitiful creature!"
  • "More Venom..." (after winning a round)
  • "You know nothing of strength!" (after winning a match)


  • "¡Yo soy tú muerte!" - Clash with any characters (spanish for "I am your death!")
  • "¡Voy A comer tú corazon!" - Clash any characters (spanish for "I will eat your heart!")
  • "You are petite, ¿no?" - Clash with any Character
  • "The small man is brave!" - Clash with small characters
  • "You match my size, not my will." - Clash with Doomsday, Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy or (Regime) Bane
  • "¡Señorita!" - Clash with female characters

Defense Wagers

  • "I will break the Bat!" - Clash with Batman
  • "I am your equal!" - Clash with Batman
  • "Die payaso." - Clash with The Joker (Spanish for "Die clown.")
  • "You will grovel before me." - Clash with The Joker

Attack Wagers

  • "You'll see." - Clash with Batman
  • "Are you a betting man?" - Clash with Batman
  • "Now you will suffer!" - Clash with The Joker
  • "Do not mock me!" - Clash with The Joker

Injustice 2

Story Mode

  • "Hate is the perennial motivator."
  • "Your spine will break--like this!
  • "Of all the ways to torment the bat, hurting you is one of my favorites.' - To Catwoman
  • "Cyborg... my old comrade." - To Cyborg
  • "We are both considered criminals now. So ask yourself..."
  • "What is the difference between us?"

Match Intro Dialogue

P1 Dialogue Opponents
"Ask Batman about my hate." Batman
"I meant your spirit." Black Adam
"I will crush you Brainiac." Brainiac
"Joker?" Joker
P2 Dialogue Opponenys
"And serve yet another alien." Brainiac
"He haunts my dreams Atrocitus." Atrocitus
"We are both gods of battle." Black Adam
"Without it, I would be broken." Atrocitus
"You are no friend to me." Bane

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