Athanasia Al Ghul is a character featured in the Injustice 2 prequel comics. She is the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul, as well as the sister of Damian Wayne.

Injustice 2 Comic

Athanasia is first seen beside her mother Talia breaking her brother Damian out of Prison. She is insulted by Damian's apparent rudeness and wants him to say please before letting him out. When Warden Dan Turpin tries to arrest them, she kills him and the guards. While exiting the building, Damian tells his mother to control her 'servant', Athanasia, who then assaults him. It is then that Talia reveals Athanasia is Damian's sister and the "Daughter of the Bat".


  • She is one of the only characters original to the Injustice continuity. It is unknown if she will be implemented into mainstream comics. It is also unknown if she will be a playable character in the game itself.

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