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Injustice: Gods Among Us

Story Mode

  • "Clark sometimes forgets he can´t do everything himself."
  • "We need to determine which. Soon. If the Joker's bomb detonated, we have to get back."
  • "The Atlantis archives. If this is an altered timeline, we might find a record of the triggering event there."
  • "I need information on surface world governance. History and current structure."
  • "Yes. The treaty discussions."
  • "Tell me what you know. Recount the events of his ascension."
  • "A thorough review might illuminate new strategies for negotiations."
  • "Yes...We all remember where we were that day..."
  • "Which made him quite popular."
  • "Flash...Shazam...Welcome."
  • "Yes. We have important matters to discuss. The treaty."
  • "May I?"
  • "This is complete subjugation. Superman will rule Atlantis!"
  • "You threaten me? Tread carefully."
  • "You can tell Superman..."
  • "He will not have Atlantis!"
  • "Your orders be damned." - After defeated The Flash
  • "Let's not take this any further. I want to talk to Superman."
  • "You two will make sorry diplomats." - After defeated Shazam
  • "Well then. Parallel dimension it is."
  • "Who do you work for, usurper? Manta? Ocean Master?"
  • "I'm the king of Atlantis! I answer to no one. Unlike you."
  • "Mind your tongue."
  • "You would give away your kingdom like a pair of worn boots? To a surface dweller?"
  • "The treaty requires Superman to maintain Earth's oceans. And recognize our autonomy."
  • "You put your army at his beck and call."
  • "A necessary compromise."
  • "More like appeasement!"
  • "I grow tired of this. Take him!"
  • "I had planned to offer you help."
  • "I've changed my mind."
  • "Now let's discuss a revised foreign policy." - After defeated himself
  • "Kill him!"
  • "What now..."
  • "Ares. Why are you here?"
  • "You did more than that. You brought us here."
  • "My fire doesn't need stoking, Ares! Tell me who."
  • "I do."
  • "And you will obey!"
  • "You're weak, Ares." - After defeated Ares
  • "So if you didn't bring us here, who did?"
  • "Heroes?"
  • "He killed them..."
  • "And the only ones left are those who joined him?"
  • "I need to join my colleagues."
  • "Send me to them."
  • "Ares."
  • "Not our Ares."
  • "Headache?"
  • "How can a pill-"
  • "Yes. I met a couple of our evil twins."
  • "So you're the only one left..."
  • "What is this?!"
  • "And I'm guessing he didn't arrive alone."
  • "Where's Batman?"
  • "No..."
  • "How did you hide anything in here from Superman? Looks like he was pretty thorough."
  • "It's a trap."
  • "Leave that to me."
  • "Are you ready, Superman? To take on the might of Atlantis?!"
  • "You're not wanted here!"

In Battle

  • "Submit!"
  • "You anger me."
  • "Pathetic, War God." - While Fighting with Ares
  • "Watch it, Kryptonian." - Occasionally after combos on Superman
  • "Bring it, Clark!" - Occasionally after combos on Superman
  • "Yield, Amazon." - Occasionally after combos on Wonder Woman
  • "Amazon wench." - Occasionally after combos on Wonder Woman
  • "You're weak, princess!" - Occasionally after combos on Wonder Woman
  • "That's all, Flash." - Occasionally after combos on The Flash
  • "Let's apply the brakes." - Occasionally after combos on The Flash
  • "Slow down, Barry. - Occasionally after combos on The Flash
  • "Calm yourself, Lantern." - Occasionally after combos on Green Lantern
  • "I'm through with this, Hal!" - Occasionally after combos on Green Lantern
  • "And I meant that!" - After winning a round
  • "Almighty Neptune!" - After winning a round


  • "You face the might of Atlantis!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Kneel before the king!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Poseidon take you!" - Clash with any Character
  • "The king fears no one!" - Clash with any Character
  • "For Atlantis!" - Clash with any Character
  • "Surface world scum!" - (Regime) Clash with any character
  • "Grow up and smarten up!" - (Regime) Clash with Nightwing, Cyborg, Shazam & Raven

Defense Wagers

  • "You disgrace Atlantis!" - Clash with (Regime) Aquaman
  • "I'm the true king!" - Clash with (Regime) Aquaman
  • "What would you have me do?" - (Regime) Clash with Aquaman
  • "You are not invincible." - Clash with Ares
  • "I am the pride of Atlantis!" - Clash with Batman
  • "No more Insurgency!" - (Regime) Clash with (Insurgency) Batman
  • "Speed alone doesn't cut it!" - Clash with The Flash
  • "You're not so quick, Barry!" - Clash with The Flash
  • "I'll win any contest of wills." - Clash with Green Lantern
  • "The sea will drown your light!" - Clash with Green Lantern
  • "What makes you think you'll win?" - Clash with Superman
  • "I can match your strength!" - Clash with Superman
  • "I will subdue the surface world!" - (Regime) Clash with Superman
  • "Atlanteans are superior!" - Clash with Wonder Woman
  • "Run back to Superman!" - Clash with (Regime) Wonder Woman

Attack Wagers

  • "Yield. It's what you do." - Clash with (Regime) Aquaman
  • "By saving it?" - (Regime) Clash with Aquaman
  • "Wrong, imposter!" - (Regime) Clash with Aquaman
  • "I have defeated gods." - Clash with Ares
  • "You're out of your league!" - Clash with Ares
  • "And here's the storm!" - Clash with Batman
  • "Your mouth runs faster than you." - Clash with The Flash
  • "Not even close." - Clash with Green Lantern
  • "Never to you, Clark!" - Clash with Superman
  • "Not just yet!" - (Regime) Clash with (Regime) Superman
  • "Don't need his help here!" - Clash with Wonder Woman
  • "Back to Themyscira!" - Clash with Wonder Woman

Injustice 2


  • "Because it would draw his eye?"
  • "A fight I'll look forward to."
  • "Using pawns, Grodd?" - When player chooses him
  • "This king is easily captured." - After defeated Black Canary
  • "What kind of ruler sacrifices his own people for Brainiac?"
  • "You're deluded, Grodd." - When player chooses him
  • "I didn't lose them. They were stolen from me!"
  • "I will avenge Atlantis." - After defeated Green Arrow
  • "Blue Beetle! We thought you were dead."
  • "How does this work, exactly?"
  • "I am ready."
  • "Beetle! What are you doing?!"
  • "Don't get ahead of yourself." - After defeated Blue Beetle
  • "A king, Grodd? You're a brute."
  • "You hurt my people, Grodd. In their name, I will have justice."
  • "Not the day to test my resolve." - After defeated Gorilla Grodd
  • "The people of Atlantis demand justice."
  • "But you can."
  • "Canary! Arrow! Out of the way!"

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